Our customers dramatically speed-up creation of step-by-step software documentation

Creating Documentation for Internal Consulting Management

AMC has a backlog of instructional information that needs to be created and StepShot will help by saving hours of work compared to previous approaches.


Boosting Dynamics CRM procedures documentation process within government organization

StepShot became a new documentation standard for the company, automating the documentation creation, bringing clarity to the  documented procedures, allowing extensive customization opportunities of the final documents.


Why Do Microsoft Technology Evangelists use StepShot?

Technology Evangelists especially value the possibility of staying focused on the workflow which is documented. StepShot’s core functionality allows to create instructions and user manuals with no interruptions from the actual process.

E-commerce documentation within WordPress

During last couple of years company was completely concentrated on development of new additional features of its e-commerce product.  StepShot became a documentation enabler – it would take much longer to get all the main workflows documented without it.


StepShot for Easy Learning Development

UCL’s Training Section is seeing many benefits of StepShot, not least of which is the accelerated raw record times, combined with a reduced time commitment for the SMEs. Therefore, UCL plan to extend knowledge elicitation approach with the use of StepShot to all in-house IT projects.

Standardizing documentation for home-grown banking software

StepShot became the essential tool for bank’s IT Operations department. Screenshot-based how-to guides are created 10 to 16 times faster with StepShot, reducing the number of knowledge sharing sessions with subject matter experts.

Creating SAP Documentation within Large Enterprises

StepShot is used on a weekly basis to create separate article to be later combined in manuals. Some common procedures in Movilizer, like setting up a new user or sending inventory down to the platform, can take from 20 to 80 steps. Having already created about 50 high quality manuals of with StepShot, customer reports 80% of time saved during user manuals creation.