Boosting Dynamics CRM procedures documentation process within government organization

The Office of the Information Commissioner


I am a programmer and I come from a very small development team dealing with huge projects so I can’t afford to spend too much time on documentation. Unfortunately we need lots of it in order to keep and transfer the knowledge around. We have started using StepShot 8 months ago and it has improved our documentation efficiency and precision dramatically. Stepshot is the only all-in-one solution out there that guides us through the whole documentation process. The service is what surprised me the most as we always receive fast and accurate responses and they have even gone through the trouble of improving their application to fit our very specific scenario. They have released a few software updates so far which have added a lot of great features and functionality. I just love how easy it is to start using it and the end result is amazing! I would recommend this software to anyone looking to create lots of procedures.

Stéphane Laplante

Programmer at The Office of the Information Commissioner


productivity boost while recording procedures with Dynamics CRM

The Office of the Information Commissioner was established in 1983 under the Access to Information Act Canada’s freedom of information legislation – to assist individuals and organizations who believe that federal institutions have not respected their rights under the Act.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is used in the company for the incident management. Procedures and workflows documentation in this product have always been a painful task. The main problem lay in spending too much time for documenting the processes step-by-step. For every separate step, a screenshot was generated with the help of the Snagit tool and the corresponding descriptions were added. After this, tall the screenshots and text descriptions were merged into one document. As a result the documents had an excess of text information, since it had been much easier to do text descriptions than insert screenshots into a document.

The quantity of the procedures to be documented was growing over time, so it became really urgent to find a screenshot documenting tool.

How the Product Helped

Stéphane Laplante, one of the IT department workers, came across StepShot in Google. After having compared it with  other step-by-step documentation tools, such as ClarifyIt, he revealed that only StepShot gave such a great productivity boost. The fact that  the product allows to group the described step-by-step procedures into manuals only contributed to the purchasing decision. The exported manual contains automatically generated dynamic content that allows to quickly navigate to a desired location in the document.

Because of the ease of use and high productivity growth in the process of creating a screenshot documentation, the product was purchased for the entire IT department.

Results and benefits

The possibility of automatic capturing of the procedure into a step-by-step guide has resulted in a 70% productivity boost while recording procedures with Dynamics CRM. It has happened due to the automatic capturing of screenshots and text instructions – in other words, of what exactly was happening during the performance. Also, it became easier to use new guides, consisting of more screenshots, as they now contain more graphic information and, accordingly, cause less misunderstandings.