Creating Documentation for Internal Consulting Management

Documenting a Customized Consulting Management Solution 

…we have customised the system significantly for our organisation and really needed to write new documentation to marry the software with our internal processes.

Bronwyn Meadows Smith
General Manager,
Operations Support at ALC Consultants

Executive Summary

Organizations that employ a significant number of skilled and expensive professional staff must account for their time whether to charge clients or to justify costs internally.

Without accurate information on project status, billable hours and resource utilization, the resulting loss of control will lead to dissatisfied clients and reduced profit margins.

AMC Consultants are using a proprietary software system called ‘V1 Professional Services Automation (PSA)’ for consulting projects and client management. The company implemented the software a year ago, and while it came with manuals, they have customized the system significantly for their organization and really needed to write new documentation to fully implement software within their internal infrastructure and processes. The customization of the software instantly triggered the need to document new procedures daily. Nowadays, AMC Consultants are still refining procedures and, as a result, creating or updating their internal documentation.

How Product Helped

For AMC it was important that the product was simple to use, and preferably integrate with Atlassian Confluence for added efficiency.

Within a few minutes AMC had set up a trial account, and within the hour had published several guides to their Confluence Cloud instance.

“I’ve already updated several previously created user instructions for a business system we use here and it was so easy, so quick!”

Bronwyn Meadows Smith

General Manager, Operations Support , ALC Consultants


Essentially the company has three tiers of PSA users: i) Project Managers, ii) Support Administrators, iii) Finance Administrators. Each of these user groups need documentation specific to their role and use of the system. However, all documentation is stored on Confluence in a dedicated space (our ‘PSA Help Centre’).

The sheer volume of documentation required to be produced for each user tier meant that traditional screen capture and compilation would be far too time consuming. Moreover, as the PSA system is developed and additional functionality released, the production of guides is ongoing and dynamic.  Therefore, the documentation solution needed to provide the ability to easily update guides and in a structure that could be quickly referenced.

AMC initially trialed a competing solution, but found the product to be very buggy and cumbersome to use. It was also more expensive than StepShot. Resigned to using simple screen capture again, the General Manager, Operations Support undertook some further research and found StepShot. Only a few weeks into the trial period AMC made the decision to purchase a StepShot annual subscription.

Results and Benefits

Now that StepShot is fully functional and available to AMC’s support staff, a number of older guides will be redrafted, adding further details and standardizing layout.  AMC has a backlog of instructional information that needs to be created and StepShot will help by saving hours of work compared to previous approaches.