StepShot Guides vs StepShot Manuals: What to Choose?

Can’t make heads or tails of the difference between StepShot Guides and StepShot Manuals? The table below will come to your aid.

  StepShot Guides StepShot Manuals StepShot Guides for Confluence
  Easy process capturing for trainers, students and bloggers More sophisticated outputs and integrations for businesses Built specifically to capture and manage knowledge in Atlassian Confluence KB (Server and Cloud)
Supported operational systems Win, Mac, Linux (coming soon) Win Win, Mac, Linux (coming soon)
Process capturing on mouse clicks (desktop and web apps)
Full screen X
Active window X
Screen region X
Capture single screenshot on hotkey X
Text data generation
Desktop applications* X
Web applications** X
Automatic cursor placement highlight X
Image annotations
Blur & crop. Add rectangles, arrows, sequences, text, etc.
Export (with customisable templates)
PDF X X As part of native Atlassian Confluence functionality
Word   X
HTML   X  
Export template customisation X (as an additional paid service)
Publish (with customisable templates)
WordPress X X  
Microsoft Sharepoint   X  
Atlassian Confluence   X X
Publish template customisation X (as an additional paid service)
Document management
Possibility to save a guide in raw format on a local computer
Internal library to store all captured documents   X  
Possibility to export several guides as one manual   X  
Monthly $11.99 per user $29 per user Per instance pricing. Check Atlassian Marketplace listing for more details.
Yearly $99 per user $290 per user
Volume discounts Available Available
* Desktop applications are built with the help of different technologies. StepShot will be able to extract button names, text box values, etc. from a major number of those, but we cannot quarantee 100% success for all the applications.
** We recommend using Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on Mac to capture good textual descriptions.

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Happy StepShotting!