Captures multiple screenshots without interruption.

Creates well-structured step-by-step user guides.

Provides automatically generated instructions on every step.

Gives you total control over the process of workflow capturing.

Puts content in nicely looking templates.

Exports the document to easy to share PDF format.

Publishes content right to your WordPress blog.

A perfect and easy-to-use tool to create help files, technical blog reviews, step-by-step user guides, and software screenshot-based tutorials.

Spend less time on documentation with StepShot Guides!

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How сan StepShot Guides help you?

Is it possible to replace a toolkit for technical documentation with one solution? StepShot Guides makes the transition easy and:

Saves your time

Optimizes the process

Motivates you to document more

Whatever your needs are, StepShot Guides will help you explain software workflows in few clicks.

Trainers may think...

Explaining software to students isn’t possible without visuals. Using screenshots to explain workflows is exactly what they need to understand!

Trainees feel that...

Whether it’s classroom activity or a trainee task, I can’t allow myself to spend the whole day documenting stuff. There should be a way to do it quickly!

Bloggers admit...

It's not easy to stay motivated when running a technical blog. The number of step-by-step user guides to be created is enormous – you can’t just do it all manually!

Over 10000 people have chosen StepShot to optimise their documentation process. Whether that's big enterprises, small business, or freelance consultants , they have all found the solution within StepShot.

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Please, enter your email to get notified about the official release of StepShot Guides!


The simple content development tool can be used with little or no training or support to create professional looking step-by-step user guides. StepShot captures sequential screenshots automatically and turnes them into a comrehensive help file.

1. Start by screenshoting your workflow. 

Active Window

StepShot automatically chooses an active window to be captured.

Full Screen

Capture info from a full screen to show more context in a guide.

A screenshot on every mouse click

Every mouse click produces a separate screenshot – no additional effort required.

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Framed cursor

Add focus to the required action in a form of a red rectangle.

Highlighted cursor

Add focus to the required action in a form of a yellow circle.

No cursor

Make a cursor invisible in your guides, if no need.

Automatic multilingual text instructions

StepShot identifies all user’s actions and produces a text instruction on every step (i.e. “Click on…”).

Single capturing

Select the area for a single screenshot and press Enter.

Pause Button

Pause the capturing process if you want to get distracted or miss several unnecessary steps.

2. Annotate and edit the captured screenshots.


Crop unnecessary parts and leave what matters.

Text box

Add the text to your screenshots witha text box.


Easily add different shapes to an image so you can communicate your ideas.

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Number the steps to show the sequence of actions.


Add more focus to important details, highlighting them.

Smart Crop

Smart crop detects empty regions and crops them not distorting the info or/and image.

3. Export or publish the user-guide to share with others.

PDF document

Export your instructional content as a ready-to- use PDF guide.


Easily publish your user guide to a website or blog on WordPress.

Documentation taking ages?

Make better use of your time with StepShot Guides!

Create documentation in minutes not hours.

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Compare with your typical workflow and notice the difference!

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