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We have been building our very complex software offering for some years without producing proper documentation. I read about StepShot some time ago when researching tools to help us but at the time it didn’t publish to WordPress, only offering some more complex hosting solutions and our site was also hosted on proprietary software. We attempted to create guides manually and also wrote an in-house support centre but following a recent adoption of WordPress within our business we had the opportunity to rebuild our own site. I was again researching support documentation tools and gave Stepshot another go. I was pleased to see the new WordPress option which has made creating and now publishing support guides a breeze. There were a couple of minor issues and the support team at Stepshot were truly legendary at fixing them.

We are looking forward to creating many hundreds of guides with Stepshot and I can’t recommend it enough.

Stuart Forrest

Company Director – Cloud Commerce Pro Ltd


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Host your e-commerce documentation within WordPress website

CloudCommercePro is a complex e-commerce solution for selling goods over the internet. Its main advantage is the integrations the company provides with the different systems, such as Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce and others.


During last couple of years company was completely concentrated on development of new additional features of its e-commerce product. Because of such priorities the product was gradually becoming more and more complicated while customers’ satisfaction rate was decreasing. Rich functionality without proper documentation leads to overall users’ discontent. Moreover the company decided to refresh the website, which served as the main source of information about the product. WordPress became a new CMS. Firstly in order to describe the product and create e-commerce documentation company chose a strategy to develop a set of videos, which would illustrate how to work with the program. However later Stuart Forrest, a director of the company, remembered that he had already seen information about StepShot somewhere on the internet. Testing functionality and measuring the average time to create a document, he realized that the process of step-by-step documentation with the help of screenshots is way quicker than creating and finalizing every separate video. All things considered, undeniable victory was given to StepShot.

How the Product Helped

The key points of choosing StepShot for CloudCommercePro are:

– Possibility of quick capturing of a procedure steps in a form of screenshots and text information. CloudCommercePro is an in-browser product, that is why a fixed-region mode was used for recording most of the time, that gave an opportunity to cut irrelevant parts of screenshot during the capturing process.

– Tools for operations with pictures: Blur (helps to edit a screenshot concealing some details which are considered as security sensitive information) and Sequence (allows to select and describe several areas in frames of one screenshot).

– Possibility to export a final version of a document directly to WordPress. It took the longest to learn WordPress, while onboarding of StepShot didn’t take more than a couple of hours. Integration with WordPress was determinative because of one more reason – content that was published on a web-portal is going to be automatically styled by WordPress to suit the main theme and design of a website, which makes end user experience much better.

Results and benefits

As a result of selecting StepShot, during only a week of using the program with part-time occupation they could create 15 guides for CloudCommercePro users. Every tutorial was 10-20 steps long, and the longest one included 52 steps. Comparing with a process of separate screenshot editing and text adding they saved 90% of their time.