We have gathered several mind-blowing functional use case examples of StepShot you may not know about. Interesting as it is, some use cases really amused us, and we decided to share them with you. Please note that these are real stories of our customers. So, scroll down to get to know them. I’ll betcha you will be impressed.

White-collar company nerds sitting in fancy glass office buildings – these are people who you think are likely to use StepShot.

Mostly yes, but not only…

All of them have also some life-related issues to tackle connected with family, friends, vacation, self-development. And StepShot appeared to be a solution that covers a number of stunning functional use case examples people encounter in real life.

You may not think of StepShot as a tool that may come in handy in your day-to-day life, but I will prove otherwise.

Amazing Functional Use Case Examples of StepShot

It’s not a secret that business people are voracious travellers. As a part of their job, they spend a great deal of time in planes and cars heading for their final destinations. And here is where StepShot steps in. As long as StepShot is a desktop tool, it allows you to be productive even while travelling. You are able to create help files or training guides in no time.

“I like killing time with StepShot Guides when travelling by making quick how-to guides.” Jason Parker, Owner at Company NameCentriX Disability Management Services Inc.

Businessman in airplane working on laptop

1. Making Travel Arrangements

Speaking of travelling, it’s true that before setting off on a journey, one has to prepare a really huge pile of documents: passport, visa, travel insurance, tickets, hotel bookings, driving license, etc. Copying key documents is essential when you travel abroad. It’s easier to replace a lost or stolen passport, rail pass, or car-rental voucher if you have a photocopy that helps prove you really owned what you lost. Instead of having your copies of documents scattered in many files across different apps and devices, it’s better to digitize them and keep them in one place.

With StepShot, getting your travel documents together becomes easier. You can import the scans of important docs or make screenshots of these in a few clicks and get a quick PDF containing all your important documents in one file which you can further print out, send to your inbox, or upload to Google Drive for better accessibility.

2. Creating the Perfect Travel Itinerary

It also seems smart to have a backup physical or digital copy of your itinerary, including hotel, car-rental confirmations, the list of contacts, etc. With the help of StepShot, you can make a detailed plan of your trip complemented with images of your routes, places to visit, things to do, people to meet, and much more. Such a detailed itinerary will keep you organized and safe from troubles.

The privilege of making such an itinerary with our tool is that it lets you annotate each image directly in the application without the need to switch between multiple apps. You can blur some sensitive data, crop the image, highlight important elements, add text boxes, etc. Moreover, there are two types of exported layout you may choose from: portrait and landscape. Besides, we offer a number of PDF templates that are fully available and customizable.

3. Taking Notes During Seminars and Webinars

Here at StepShot, we have always thought of our product as a tool that facilitates communication between people. But recently, it occurred to us that StepShot can be viewed as a solution that helps communicate things to oneself. Click To Tweet 

Taking notes during a ‘live’ webinar is the exact case.

Honestly speaking, we don’t always receive webinar handouts, although this is something that everyone promises. So as not to skip important info, it’s better to take notes.

StepShot allows you to do it in a distraction-less way. When something is of particular interest, you can utilize StepShot to capture either the entire screen, active window, or a particular region only, then use StepShot’s editing toolkit to highlight the important info on the fly and write some comments below. And when the webinar is finished, voila; you have a ready-made presentation rich in visuals that you can share with your colleagues or show directly to your boss.

“I have found StepShot Guides handy for taking my own notes in webinars. In fact, a screenshot can speak volumes.” Lori Newman, Creative Director at Newman Web Solutions, LLC.

4. Explaining to Your Relatives How to Do SMTH on the Computer

When you have a big family, odds are some of them will eventually need some help with a computer. One of the functional use cases of StepShot is related with explaining to family and friends how to perform basic computer operations or how to use various tools. Many customers have reported that StepShot has a competitive edge over other tools (even free ones) on the market because it allows automatic process capturing as you perform the procedure and, as a result, saves a great deal of time.

“I’ve tried to create a simple documentation for my mom on how to use a software that she’s been struggling with. In 15 minutes, I’ve had a very professional looking PDF that I sent her.” Daniel Nordmark, Founder of Yodapp and Senior Software Developer

Check out the example of a guide created with StepShot explaining to a granny how register on Facebook.

5. Comparing Products and Prices on the Internet

It has always presented a problem for me to buy things online. Many products, different platforms, various prices…..and I’m getting confused. Plus it takes a lot of time to select the best bargain because switching between different web sites is a burdensome process. On the advice of our customers, now I use StepShot to compare products and prices on the Internet.

One of our customers once told us an interesting story. It appeared that he used StepShot for comparing hotel prices. Just a few clicks and you already have a detailed overview of the things you want to book or buy with alternative variants alongside. The same can go for flight prices, presents for friends, etc.

6. Making a List of Interesting Articles and Books to Read

It usually happens so that when you encounter an interesting article or useful book to read in the Facebook news feed or somewhere else on the Internet, you copy the link and send it to your inbox or to your best friend via a messenger with hope that later on, you will have a look at it. But eventually you seldom go back to that stuff, just because you lose track of what you have sent and to whom. Moreover, a link itself doesn’t say much. Sometimes, in order to find the one you need, you have to open dozens of tabs in a browser. It’s annoying… With StepShot, it becomes easier to keep an eye on what you need to read. The tool lets you create a list of things you want to have a look at, complemented with links, screenshots, and your own comments. In such a way, you will never waste time searching for a link you need. Keeping all useful things in one file and the possibility to edit and update the list in a breeze makes it easy to monitor popular Internet trends.

StepShot in A Daily Life

Summing up the usage of StepShot in non-work-related contexts, one can outline that the variety of functional use case examples of our tool ranges in types from travelling to self-development. And that’s not the whole story as of yet. Our mission is to be always there when people need to explain something, and we are pleased to know that you use StepShot for such interesting purposes.