Recently there has been the webinar “Advanced Tools for Working with SMEs” featuring StepShot and easyDITA. Sasha Reminnyi, a co-founder and CEO of StepShot, and Patrick Bosek, a co-founder of easyDITA, talked about how tools combination could improve the communication between Technical Writers and Subject Matter Experts. Here you can listen to the recording of the webinar.

StepShot got a webinar question from Rashmi, a webinar participant: “StepShot seems to be very similar to Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) and was wondering if you would be able to point at any difference in capabilities, if applicable”.

Here is the answer: Oracle UPK is indeed a similar tool to StepShot. However, the important feature that UPK doesn’t have is automatic recording. Recording a workflow with UPK requires a number of separate steps. When ready to begin recording, the developer must start the recorder and then use the Print Screen button to capture all screens and actions. The developer should think in terms of taking a lot of screenshots, rather than too few. For example, the developer must remember to capture all the pull-down menus in Oracle forms. With StepShot you start the capturing process and smoothly go through the workflow – all screenshots are captured automatically.

UPK’s unique feature is localization – it is available in 22 languages. StepShot, in turn, is available only in English, however the instructional text is automatically generated in any language.

StepShot, as an IT documentation tool, has also a wide variety of exporting formats, as opposed to Word export only with UPK. StepShot gives also Confluence and easyDITA publishing options, whereas UPK allows publishing the documents to Learning Management Systems. But what is most important, StepShot has much better usability and is considerably cheaper.


Since you are reading this article, the task of IT documentation is familiar to you.

In consequence, you might want to try StepShot – an outstanding tool for quick producing of step-by-step help guides.