Fast documentation or pretty pictures, professional tool for manuals or recreational tool for creative personalities, or maybe all in one?

There is no surprise that visuals help us better imbibe and grasp new information. It has always been the most effective way for presenting, sharing and spreading some ideas, especially when those ideas are not clearly understandable for everyone. Screenshot is the easiest way to explain what is going on in your computer. Thus such kind of a quickly taken picture is very useful in IT sphere when it comes to guiding how to perform some steps, asking for help in case you have some troubles, capturing unusual events or even reporting incidents. However, making screenshots with the help of PrtSc is way too long and sometimes it doesn’t look as professional as you would want.

Nevertheless, today there are some programs that make this process quicker and easier.  All we have to do is to decide which is more suitable for our needs and download it. Let’s imagine that we have a possibility to choose one of the 2 presented programs below, which are made for more comfortable screen capturing. What would be your preference, taking into account all the features mentioned in the table?

StepShot Snagit
Task Create IT-documentation, manuals, visuals, presentations, articles Create visuals, videos
Potential users ERP Consultants, IT support, IT Operation specialists and any other types of workflows Busy employees in IT industries or even students
Types of capturing
  • Multiple steps capture – every click of the mouse is a new screenshot in a row
  • Single capture – takes a picture from the selected area
  • Smart capturing – adds step stamps automatically depending on the clicks
  • Single capturing – takes a picture of the selected area,
  • Panoramic scrolling capture – you can control the area scrolling the selecting square,
  • Video – .mp4, .gif or .png
OS Versions Windows, IOS Windows, IOS
Mouse pointer visibility
  • Highlighted,
  • invisible,
  • normal,
  • left click,
  • right click,
  • replaceable (move it like an object)
  • Normal,
  • invisible,
  • left click,
  • right click (only in video)

(physical memory usage in active mode)

≈159 Mb ≈241Mb
Sharing destination (exporting)    
Hotkeys Available;

variable (anything convenient for you considering keyboard facilities)


partially variable (you can choose from the existing compilations)

Picture editing tools Frames, lines, arrows, shapes, text, picture edges, step stamps, polyline, blur, cropping, smart0cropping, highlight and more Arrow, text, callouts, stamps, shapes, step stamps, picture edges, capacity option, pen, blur, magnify, cropping, highlight and more
Text features On a screenshot,

After/before a screenshot

(you can add some information in the specific gap and it will automatically turn into text under the picture in a document)

On a screenshot
Interface Has similarity with Office, simple for either beginners or advanced users Typical interface for screenshot capturers or picture editors with tools and a field for a picture
Support Email, phone call or call-back, if requested Ticket / Phone call
Templates for exporting Create any template to export your document
Inner library
Pricing Free trial 14 days,

29$ (monthly or annually)

Free trial 14 days,

49.95$ (no subscription)

All information considered, it seems that the program from the left column – StepShot – is more oriented to step-to-reproduce capturing, giving us the possibility to create a document with screenshots and in-line comments fast and easy, as well as enabling a single capturing which can be edited in the same program using specific tools. Importantly, StepShot has more unique destinations as HTML, XML or DITA to make exporting processes more comfortable, not to mention famous places for publishing IT documents as WordPress, SharePoint, Confluence and others. By contrast, the program from the right – Snagit – is more likely to serve as a great screenshot editor, having also a video capturing for brighter presentation aims. With this in mind, we have to admit, that even though both programs have something common in the main goal – to share information using screenshots, yet they differ by their tasks and ways of fulfilling them. In conclusion, those programs are unique and extremely helpful on a daily basis, but what would you choose:  fast documentation or pretty picture, professional tool for manuals or recreational tool for creative personalities, or maybe all in one?

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