Boosting the Quality of Customer Service with Ease

Surveys indicate that by 2020, customer experience will become more important than price or even the product itself. This means that providing the highest quality of customer service is imperative for business success. However, as people grow more demanding and the systems they work with get more sophisticated, offering top-quality customer experience gets harder. If your business is one of those that needs to find a way to deliver clear, informative, and easy-to-understand manuals, StepShot is exactly what you need.

How StepShot Helps Boost Customer Service

StepShot is a solution that makes all those issues that prevent one from creating great manuals quickly obsolete. Using this tool, you’ll be able to ensure your customers get top-quality instructional materials. Most importantly, you’ll be able to create those materials extremely fast.

Don’t know how to go about making a guide?

Opt for simplicity and just screenshot every step of the process. With StepShot, you’ll compile the images into a guide within minutes. Spend a few more to add extra instructions overlaying the images and voila! Your detailed, clear, and easy-to-understand customer guide is ready within an hour or so.

StepShot Benefits for Business

Saves you time so you can work on other areas of business development

Makes guide creation easy

Doesn’t require any special skills to use

Boosts customer loyalty with the help of top-quality guides

Makes your customer support manager’s job easier

Makes you customer support service more efficient overall

Enhances the customer experience your business provides

Integrates easily with such platforms as WordPress and Confluence

Allows you to update and edit guides fast

Solutions that work

Are you ready to start saving your time and efforts on screenshot-based documentation in your company right now? Let’s talk and find a solution fitting you the best.