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Please note! Starting from June 2020, StepShot products are not supported.
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Your Tool to Create a Process Documentation Guide in a Breeze

Simple yet powerful document workflow software for writing a user manual, step by step guide, and process document 90% quicker than before.

What can you do with StepShot?

The easiest way to get your process documentation done fast while making it look professional. With custom templates, free training, and dedicated support, writing a user manual is no longer a pain.

Train employees
Share knowledge
Delegate tasks
Create knowledge base articles
Deliver documentation for clients
Document business processes
Keep It Simple

Take a screenshot with every mouse click

Go through the procedure and get a nicely-styled manual ready in only a few minutes. StepShot generates step by step descriptions without you even typing text manually.

Customize a guide to meet your needs

If you want your outputs be aligned with your brand, just customize them with our intuitive PDF template editor. It requires no coding on your part.

Copy a text from a screenshot

Want to quickly capture that error message? It is now possible with no manual typing! With integrated OCR technology, you can recognize a text from any image and insert it just where you feel it should be in your document!

Get various output formats

Need to save a guide in Word and then export it again as a PDF file or video tutorial? No, problem! StepShot offers you 8 amazing formats:

  • Word
  • PDF
  • Video
  • WordPress
  • Images
  • HTML
  • Cloud
  • PowerPoint

Share Your Content Online

Share your guides online via StepShot Cloud and embed your content directly into your support knowledge base.

Perfect for:

IT Operations Team

Automatically document any process. Create user guides, knowledge base articles and SOPs in just minutes

Enterprise consultants

Successfully onboard your clients and make them highly rate your work with the help of quick step-by-step guides

CEOs and Founders

Automate the way you delegate tasks and organize employee training saving time for decision making process.

HRs and Trainers

Create simple step-by-step guides and training videos to ensure outstanding employee training process
4 easy steps to get a perfect guide

Unlock all possible benefits with our document workflow software:

If your projects always lack sufficient software process documentation and everyone avoids undertaking it, because it is too much hassle to create a process documentation guide manually, it’s high time to do something about it. Our procedure manual software empowers you to deliver profound workflow documentation on time and with no challenges.

Unleash your true potential with StepShot. Stop doing it all yourself and let the software create a process documentation guide for you. You can expect to save 90% of the time you used to spend on software process documentation.

Documenting workflow made easy! Create a process documentation guide with 80 steps in just a few clicks, and forget about switching between different apps. With our document workflow software, you have all the necessary tools at your disposal to generate consistent step by step documents.