The achievements of an organization are the
results of the combined effort of each individual.

We can do

  • focus!
  • hustle!
  • have fun!

Founded in 2009, StepShot is a great example of how hard work and a strong desire can achieve a common goal. Starting as a short freelance project, StepShot, along with a huge team effort, managed to turn the great idea of making the IT documentation process easier into a real-life, effective solution. At first, StepShot was a small project, but it attracted new users constantly because of the great value it could bring to each individual user.

In September 2015, StepShot was established as a company with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. ‘Startup Wise Guys’, the leading B2B tech accelerator in Europe, cemented the project and drastically influenced further growth.

Today, StepShot’s product serves more than 1000 customers worldwide. Our growing team of passionate professionals overcome challenges every day in order to provide businesses with software that helps them to solve common problems. Our customers (among which you can find Hershey’s, Motorola Solutions and others) report huge time savings when using our product to create documentation for those IT operations processes that only previously existed in subject matter experts’ (SME) heads.

We understand the importance of software documentation, thus we are working to enhance the process with the help of the StepShot OÜ software product line.

Meet the StepShot team!

Sasha Reminnyi

Olga Reminna

Denys Korobeinikov

Andrii Palyha

Volodymyr Skalskyi

Volodymyr Vovk

Ruslan Markiv

Marta Hlova

dima kondratiuk

Dima Kondratiuk


Nazar Kravchuk

vlad mirchuk

Vlad Mirchuk


Nadia Mykhalevych

Headquarters Address

StepShot OÜ

Uus-Kalamaja 19-14,

10415 Tallinn,



+1 650 425 7355

[email protected]