Arrange competent employee training

Create simple step-by-step guides and training videos to ensure outstanding employee training process


Preparing training materials has always been a stick in the wheel for HRs & trainers who have ever wondered how to train employee to use a particular software.

With StepShot Guides, this will no longer take place

How you will benefit
How to train employee with the help of a few clicks

Create step-by-step guides to simplify employee training and onboarding process

Our tool helps create effective employee assistance programme by merely capturing screenshots with every mouse click and creating automated text descriptions for the particular step.
Simply follow the process and observe how StepShot creates a ready-to-publish guide with a bunch of nicely-styled screenshots to assist you in a smooth onboarding process.

Quickly edit and customize your guides

Enrich your employee assistance programme with fully-annotated screenshots. Make use of the editing panel to add shapes, highlights, sequence numbering, and other rich text editing options.

NEW: customize your outputs for employee training purposes according to company branding with no coding involved

PDF training materials
Training videos as a way to do business more effectively

Create training videos

Wanna discover how to train employee without oral explanations?

Just check the guide steps you’d like to export as training videos, write a description for them, and choose a step narration type. Make sure to take advantage of in-built auto-narration or record your own voice as an accompaniment.

Easily share your guides

StepShot Guides offers a great range of exporting formats to ensure successful onboarding process and effective employee training:

  • Word
  • PDF
  • Video
  • WordPress
  • Images
  • HTML
  • StepShot Cloud
Main Features:

Generate screenshots with every mouse click


Enhance your screenshots in the built-in image editor


Create automatic step descriptions


Recognize and copy any text from a screenshot


Create video guides with auto-narration or record your own voice


Customize your PDF/Word document with no coding involved


Export to Word, PDF, HTML, WordPress, Images and Video


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