Being a businessman definitely doesn’t require being busy 24 hours per day. Even the most overloaded workers sometimes find time for their private life: they do conquer Everest and Kilimanjaro, they do own dogs, they do arrange their daughters’ weddings, etc. The secret of their success is pretty simple – an excellent time management.

We’ve had a conversation with the customer of StepShot – James Milne. He is a CTO at Myriad Technologies. Communication with James helped us confirm the fact that this position requires quite a huge amount of time and efforts. But as it turned out later – it doesn’t create considerable limitations for him – he does have free time! Our hero is the owner of 3 dogs – two girls and a boy. James Milne also has a small business, which is quite a responsibility. So we asked him several questions to see the whole picture of his active and extremely interesting life…

– James, what are your duties in Myriad Technologies?

I am a CTO…and also a Chief Trainer in the organisation. So I am developing a courseware and have just recently picked up StepShot to give that a go to see if it made my job any easier.

We have a partner who has created a workflow product and I am developing a courseware to help them go to a market. That is basically what I’ve been using StepShot for – to create a lot of manuals.

– Do you work on your own or you are a team-worker?

That’s a good question. In the past, I worked with a team to build manuals. That is why I got very excited when I saw in one of your newsletters that you are starting to talk about SharePoint. We are actually a SharePoint consulting firm.

– You have a lot of work as a CTO of the company. How do you spend your free time?

At the moment we are very busy. We have another project coming up, so we have to develop a lot of manuals.

In my free time, I usually like attending concerts, British comedies on Thursday night, enjoying dining out. I also love food – so that’s all pretty a recreational stuff.

I have got 3 dogs. I spend a lot of time with them on weekends.

A lot of my free time pulls back to my relatively small business. You, guys, know what it is like.

“Startup is exciting, it’s fun and there are so many things to be done.”

– Do you read some content which is relevant to your occupation topic?

Usually, the content comes to me through email, Twitter or LinkedIn. These are, probably, the main ways. So when I have some spare time I sit down and, you know, read LinkedIn or read some news sites to see what’s happening…

– What about communication with your co-workers? Which programs do you use?

We’ve got Yammer, we’ve got Skype and Skype for business. I haven’t jumped on a Slack yet, I try to avoid it as the last thing I want to do is to make another channel to communicate on. LinkedIn. Facebook – for personal stuff. But, to be honest, I’m not a big Facebook user. I like my privacy.

– How much time do you spend on your documentation?

A lot! I spent good 6 weeks working on documentation. I spend a fair amount of time that is why I was trying to find good tools to simplify my work.

– If it is not a secret, what motivates you?

I guess the main thing that motivates me is sharing knowledge. We do a lot of technical solutions on SharePoint and we also provide a lot of training. For me personally, it’s about…. You can deliver the most technically brilliant solution but end-users don’t end up adopting it which has 2 challenges: “When do I click this button?” or “When do I click this?”. Those are the things that I always was passionate about – sharing the knowledge through blog posts, community events, network and I guess my train courses.