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Microsoft Technology Evangelists Create Guides Twice As Fast

Everyday Technology Evangelists deal with developers, system admins and other tech-savvy guys who use Microsoft products in their work. The biggest challenge was that they often had to repeat the same…

UCL Saves 80% of Time on Creating Training & Video Tutorial

The Training Section within the Information Systems Division at UCL was struggling with the creation of efficient learning development material for both off-the-shelf software and in-house systems.

Productivity Boost in E-commerce Company with StepShot

Cloud Commerce Pro has been building very complex software for several years without producing proper documentation. Over the last few years, a variety of shiny features have been developed. As a…

Societe Generale Creates Guides 10x Faster with StepShot

The Société Générale Johannesburg Branch has a lot of in-house-made pieces of software. Previously they didn’t have built-in documentation because applications were constantly updated and nobody…

Governmental Organization Streamlines CRM Documentation

Spending too much time on documenting step-by-step processes posed the main problem. Employees from the IT department captured screenshots with the help of another software and then complemented them…

AMC Consultants Has Tackled Documentation Challenge

Initially, AMC trialed a competing solution but found the product to be very buggy and cumbersome to use. Besides that, it was more expensive than StepShot.

Saving 80% of Time on Documenting SAP & Movilizer

The customer’s Information Systems & Services department was responsible for documenting SAP and Movilizer procedures in the company at that time. They found it quite challenging to do.

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