StepShot Helps Streamline the Documentation of CRM Procedures within Governmental Organization

About the company

The Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada is a governmental organization established in 1983 under the Access to Information Act, the mission of which is to assist individuals and organizations that believe that federal institutions have not respected their rights under the Act. The Information Commissioner carries out investigations, mediates between complainants and government institutions, monitors federal institutions’ performances under the Act, and makes recommendations to government institutions but cannot issue binding orders.


The challenge

The company utilizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM for incident management. It was always a painful task for employees to document internal procedures and workflows. Spending too much time on documenting step-by-step processes posed the main problem. Employees from the IT department captured screenshots with the help of another software and then complemented them with text descriptions. Finally, they had to merge everything into one document, which was a daunting task to do. Eventually, the documents were overloaded with text instructions. As the number of procedures to be documented had increased, it became really urgent to find a powerful screenshot documenting tool.

The solution

One of the IT department employees, Stéphane Laplante, came across our software, StepShot, by simply googling for a while. Having compared it with other step-by-step documentation tools, he realised that only StepShot could give such a great productivity boost. The fact that the software allows grouping of annotated step-by-step screenshots into manuals only contributes to the purchasing decision. Moreover, the exported manual contains automatically generated dynamic content that allows one to quickly navigate to a desired location in the document. Due to the fact that StepShot boosts employee productivity and is user-friendly, the software was purchased for the entire IT department.

The Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada saw a 70% increase in employee productivity after implementing StepShot in their company. Our tool has become a new documentation standard for the company by automating the process of documentation creation, bringing consistency to company’s knowledge and providing diverse opportunities to customize final documents.

A smart way to improve your documentation process

Wondering about the other ways to make your work with documentation within governmental organizations efficient? Our team can provide you with robust solutions, helping you streamline the documentation of CRM procedures. Please, contact us, and we’ll get on to you with fresh ideas in no time!