AMC Consultants” Has Tackled Documentation Challenge with StepShot

About the company

amc consultants

AMC Consultants is a leading mining consultancy headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It has eight offices around the globe: in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Toronto, Vancouver, Maidenhead, and Singapore. The company offers consulting services in the areas of mining, geotechnical engineering, geology, coal and energy, metallurgy, engineering, feasibility studies, corporate consulting, business improvement, and training. AMC staff are highly experienced professionals, fully devoted to the business of mining.

The challenge

AMC Consultants uses a proprietary software system called V1 Professional Services Automation (PSA) for consulting projects and client management. As the software came with manuals, they needed to adapt them to suit the company’s purposes. The customization of the software triggered the need to document new procedures daily. The company started to create their own documentation and update it regularly to fully implement software within the organization. By and large, the AMC has three tiers of PSA users for whom documentation is particularly crucial:

1. Project Managers,
2. Support Administrators,
3. Finance Administrators.

The sheer volume of documentation is required to be produced for each of these user tiers. So, the traditional method of taking several screenshots that presupposed copying and pasting them into a Word document appeared to be far too time-consuming. The company felt the need for a tool that would quickly create guides and provide the ability to easily update them. It was important for AMC that the product was simple to use, and preferably integrate with Atlassian Confluence for added efficiency.

The solution

Initially, AMC trialed a competing solution but found the product to be very buggy and cumbersome to use. Besides that, it was more expensive than StepShot. Having returned to the old method of taking sequential screenshots, the General Manager undertook some further research and found StepShot. After setting up a trial account, AMC readily published several guides to their Confluence Cloud instance and made the decision to purchase a StepShot annual subscription.

Creating and updating guides brings no longer any difficulties to employees. Consequently, their productivity has increased as they have stopped procrastinating.

A smart way to improve your documentation process

Wondering about other ways to make your work with documentation for internal consulting management efficient? Our team can provide you with a robust solution, helping you optimize the workflow and boost overall employee productivity. Please, contact us and we’ll get on to you with fresh ideas in no time!