StepShot Saves about 80% of Time Spent on Documenting SAP and Movilizer Procedures

About the company

Our customer who prefers to remain anonymous is one of the largest US independent bottler companies that produces, markets, and distributes nonalcoholic beverages in the American multinational beverage sector.

The challenge

The customer’s Information Systems & Services department was responsible for documenting SAP and Movilizer procedures in the company at that time. They found it quite challenging to do. When the platforms were implemented in the company, there was no systematic documentation in place. This caused delays in IT projects and business operations and led to the decision of creating IT documentation. However, it turned out to be rather difficult because of two reasons.

Firstly, IT specialists approached the task not having the right instrument in hand. Manuals were being created with the help of Microsoft Word and Snipping Tool within Windows. It resulted in a slow and time-consuming process with constant workflow interruption and critical steps being missed.

Secondly, SAP and Movilizer consultants spent too much time on knowledge sharing sessions. IT specialists were constantly distracting Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from their work, firing thousands of questions at them. Therefore, the company started actively looking for a rapid authoring tool which could ease the burden of creating documentation.

The solution

Having compared several alternative tools, StepShot has been chosen as the tool to be used for documenting SAP/Movilizer procedures due to its simplicity.

The typical training time to get StepShot authoring tool up and running is less than 1 hour. StepShot core functionality allows to create instructions and user manuals with no interruptions from the actual process. It just follows specialists and SMEs going through the platform workflows and captures them in the sequence of screenshots.

StepShot has also helped to unify and standardize IT user manuals within SharePoint, company’s storage location server. Although some bits and pieces of instructional information existed before, they were scattered on the intranet, and it took time to find them and efficiently process IT requests. Now such requests as setting up a new technician in Movilizer take less than an hour, compared to 2.5 hours spent before. The workflows are streamlined, and employees are more productive.

Having already created about 50 high-quality manuals with StepShot, a company reports having saved about 80% of working time on creating user manuals.

A smart way to improve your documentation process

Wondering about other ways to make the documentation of SAP and Movilizer procedures even easier? Our team can provide you with robust solutions, helping you save time spent on documentation and boosting overall employee productivity. Please, contact us and we’ll get to you with fresh ideas in no time!