Productivity Boost in the E-commerce Company with StepShot

About the company

Cloud Commerce Pro is a UK-based company founded in the early 1990s. It is a one-box e-commerce solution for selling more products in more places. The company provides the perfect management system for selling goods over the Internet. It takes care of sales and ordering systems, stock control, warehousing, shipping, accounting and much more. Cloud Commerce Pro is highly appreciated by its customers as it has a number of integrations with different systems, such as  Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, and others.

The challenge

Cloud Commerce Pro has been building very complex software for several years without producing proper documentation. Over the last few years, a variety of shiny features have been developed. As a result, the product became too fancy and user-hostile. Rich functionality without proper documentation had led to overall users’ discontent. Besides that, the company decided to refresh the website, which served as the main source of information about the product. WordPress became the new CMS. Initially, they decided to develop a set of training videos, which would illustrate customers how to work with the program. They realized that it required some time and resources to create high-quality videos. Thus, they were looking for another solution.

The solution

A director of the company, Stuart Forrest, recalled that once he read about StepShot somewhere on the Internet. Weighing all the pros and cons, he came to a conclusion that creating step-by-step guides with the help of StepShot is far quicker than creating videos. All things considered, an undeniable victory was given to StepShot. Here are several of the StepShot features that have helped Cloud Commerce Pro become more productive:

  • The possibility to take sequential screenshots for every click and add text descriptions right away.
  • The opportunity to choose a fixed region mode. Cloud Commerce Pro is an in-browser product; that is why a fixed-region mode was used for recording most of the time. It gave the possibility to cut irrelevant parts even during the capturing process.
  • The availability of great editing features such as the Blur tool that conceals some details which are security sensitive and the Sequence tool that allows the user to select and describe several areas within one screenshot.
  • The possibility to export a final version of a document directly to WordPress. Integration with WordPress was determinative because of one more reason – content that is published on a web-portal is going to be automatically styled by WordPress to suit the main theme and design of a website, which drastically improves end user experience.

Within the first week of using StepShot, Cloud Commerce Pro has managed to create 15 step-by-step guides for its users. Every tutorial was 10-20 steps long, and the longest one consisted of 52 steps. As a result, 90% of working time is saved with StepShot.

A smart way to improve your documentation process

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