Societe Generale Creates Guides 10x Faster with StepShot

About the company

societe generaleSociété Générale S.A. (SGSA) is a French multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Paris. It is one of the oldest banks in France that was founded in 1864. Societe Generale offers advice and services to individual, corporate and institutional customers in several core businesses: Retail banking, Corporate and Investment Banking, Private Banking, Financial services, and Insurance.

The challenge

The Société Générale Johannesburg Branch has a lot of in-house-made pieces of software. Previously they didn’t have built-in documentation because applications were constantly updated and nobody bothered with documenting new features. The major problem was that the company’s external and internal documentation was not standardized. IT Operations employees were documenting business procedures manually, so all the documents truly lacked consistency. Data standardization was one of the company’s main goals. Employees were experimenting with different tools, but all this along with document styling didn’t bring tangible results and took a great deal of time. There always was a place for ambiguity when customer support agents were communicating with customers over the phone. Due to poor end-user documentation, customers failed to interpret IT instructions. The number of support calls increased, but customers remained dissatisfied.

The solution

The company has found StepShot to be a great solution to their problem. Our software is now used at SGJ on a daily basis. It helps to bring the same look and feel to all the company’s documents and takes almost no time to capture subject matter experts’ knowledge.

The possibility to create corporate templates in StepShot enabled the bank to standardize its manuals. After articles are created, they are exported as HTML files and uploaded to the bank’s intranet file servers. IT specialists reference them in SysAid, the bank internal ticketing system, and make sure that everyone has access to the company’s knowledge base. Besides, styled Word and PDF instructions are hosted within the corporate SharePoint server.

Compared to other alternatives (like OS capturing functionality, Windows Snipping and Clarify-it tools), StepShot is able to capture all the steps of the workflow without any interruptions. This is especially important within workflow-driven software – usually there is no option to go one step back and re-capture a screenshot. The only option left is to re-execute the procedure from scratch- what a waste of time!

Additionally, StepShot helps Societe Generale in the process of verifying in-house-made software before it goes to production. StepShot captures test cases while software is hosted on the staging environment and makes sure that it is verified against requirements before it goes live.

With StepShot, a company spends only 15 minutes on creating a 50-step guide, 10 times faster than previously.