Looking for a Clarify alternative? You’ve come to the right place! It’s time for your team to join the new era of doing business when it comes to documentation services.


Documentation can be hard and boring, and it only gets worse when you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. Clarify has been the king of software documentation services for a while now – and with good reason. The appeal is understandable, since the tool lets you communicate clearly and quickly with the help of screenshots. It’s true, Clarify is cheap, flexible, intuitive, and easy to use, but it’s far from being the only option out there. And, importantly, there is bad news for its users – unfortunately, the service has already discontinued development.

Why Do Yoy Need a Clarify Alternative?

Presently, the major weakness of Clarify is that new licenses haven’t been open for purchase since February 17, 2018, and there will be no more upgrades. What does that mean for its users? It means that all images and documents stored at Clarify-it.com will no longer be available, they will be removed. Consequently, you will not be able to share this content nor even access it. Equally, no more new functions or updates will be created, despite the increasing needs of users dictated by inevitable technological advancement in this area.


That is why you need a Clarify alternative

Clarify documentation service is being discontinued


Taking into consideration this obvious limitation, it makes perfect sense to search for Clarify alternatives currently available on the market. For this purpose, those who are used to Clarify may consult Google, Capterra’s software directory, Quora, Reddit, or LinkedIn, where people will suggest dozens of programs alleged to be true Clarify alternatives. However, I believe that the choice of an alternative documentation service should be based on a thorough analysis of the tools, their features, and benefits when compared to Clarify. In addition, it is worth checking with the opinion of experts in the area who already have experience in utilizing the alternative software.


In this article, I will show you that there are plenty of choices beyond Clarify, specifically, that StepShot Guides could be used as a worthy Clarify alternative. In fact, I do believe that Clarify is a strong documentation service. It is much more than a simple screen capture tool and is highly appreciated by both trainers and technical writers. People love its simplicity and user-friendly interface, while the application offers much more options all-in-one as it integrates the related functions of a word processor like MS Word and a screenshot tool. Rather than the old-fashioned way of combining at least two different programs to make a document with screenshots, Clarify, as well as StepShot Guides, put forward a new approach developed with the intention of assisting in making business documents way faster than ever before. To be specific, Stepshot Guides saves about 90% of your time. Thus, it may be a potential solution for those who have got used to Clarify but have to choose another type of software now.

Get Free Documentation Tool Now

Get Free Documentation Tool Now


Similar to Clarify, StepShot Guides offers a set of basic functions such as cross-platform functioning on popular operating systems, image annotating, text processing, and export and sharing options. However, StepShot Guides provides some advanced features you may have always wanted in Clarify. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what exactly StepShot Guides is and how it can serve as a Clarify alternative. 

StepShot Guides vs. Clarify

Similar Features & Benefits

As I’ve mentioned before, both Clarify and StepShot Guides are equipped with a range of common functions, including the following:



  • Adding step descriptions

Benefit: You can add and format text to annotate a screenshot or other image



  • Adding text boxes

Benefit: A user can add text whenever necessary in a document



  • Cross-platform operating

Benefit: Both Windows and Mac operating systems are supported by the applications



  • Sharing to WordPress

Benefit: A document created with StepShot Guides can be delivered to WordPress and, subsequently, posted on a website



  • Export to PDF and Word

Benefit: You can create and save a ready-made document in PDF or Word format



  • Help and support centres

Benefit: In case of any issues or misunderstandings, you can find a solution to your problem in a help center or consult a customer support representative


Clarify’s Distinctive Features & Benefits


  • HTML and Evernote Export

Benefit: The program can output a document in HTML format or Evernote for further publishing and promoting



  • Sharing to Dropbox

Benefit: This is one of the major advantages of Clarify as opposed to StepShot Guides documentation service, since the former allows the saving of documents directly to Dropbox, after which they can be shared



Note: StepShot claims that export to Cloud will be available soon, so StepShot Guides users will be able to share their documents online.



StepShot Guides’ Distinctive Features & Benefits


  • Automatic screen capturing

Benefit: Just click the mouse, and the application equipped with AI (artificial intelligence) technology will automatically take subsequent screenshots as you accomplish the steps of the process, which will save you a lot of time



  • Keylogger for automatic text description

Benefit: You do not need to write down each step manually – the Keylogger will automatically record step descriptions as you press keys and click the mouse



  • PDF and Word templates

Benefit: Professional templates, along with an advanced editor, allow customization and editing in compliance with current needs



  • Variables

Benefit: This option suggests to create, edit, or delete repetitive values to automatically insert them in a document



  • OCR

Benefit: This technology makes it possible to recognize and copy text from screenshots instead of doing it manually



  • Video Export

Benefit: This Clarify alternative has moved far ahead as it now offers video export, so, at the output, a user gets a video presenting the created document



  • Auto-narration in Video Export

Benefit: Built-in AI-powered auto-narration allows users to record their narration to videos instead of applying other special-purpose tools for this task



  • Regular updates

Benefit: Unlike Clarify, StepShot still provides regular updates and upgrades the product in accordance with emerging customer needs



  • Free Package

Benefit: The documentation service is available at an affordable and fair price and offers three packages: Basic, Pro, and Free. The latter includes a set of Pro functions with some limitations while the pricing for paid plans starts at $9.9 per month.

Clarify alternative: StepShot Guides

Clarify alternative: StepShot Guides





This is quite a long list of benefits, isn’t it? I guess even Clarify fans would agree with me. Let’s face the truth: Clarify has no future, since there will be no more updates from its producer. When it comes to considering other documentation services, StepShot Guides is not only able to match the competition but also to beat it. Even tech podcaster Allison Sheridan, who is, indeed, an advocate for Clarify, recommends StepShot Guides as a Clarify alternative and admits: I think it’s a worthy replacement for Clarify and I have faith they’ll keep improving the product over time.”


Still have doubts? Check out the success stories from StepShot users working for large organizations with a global reach. The Microsoft Developer Experience Team, University College London, Cloud Commerce Pro, Societe Generale, The Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada, AMC Consultants, and other organizations have all given credence to StepShot Guides. If they trust StepShot, why shouldn’t you?


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is a significant number of Clarify alternatives, all of which differ in features and pricing, but most of them are either very complex or lack some essential functionality. StepShot Guides offers an out-of-the-box solution that is more affordable, provides a straightforward user experience, and requires almost no learning curve.


Anyone can StepShot!