Probably every WordPress blogger faced the difficulty of creating step-by-step guides on this blog platform. We decided to find the most useful and time-saving tools which will make your blogging much easier.

3 handful tools that can ease your life on the different stages of how-to guide creating process:


1. Step By Step WordPress Plugin

A useful WordPress plugin for how-to guides creating. With its help you can give a title to your guide and add some background information. A guide consists of a set of steps with a separate module for each of them. Adding accordant text, image and a custom description is possible. Steps can be placed on pages or posted as shortcodes. However, to illustrate your tutorial with screenshots you will have to use another software as Step By Step plugin doesn’t capture screenshots.

For more information go here.


Greenshot is a great solution for the problem of limitation with screenshots we faced above. This totally free and time-saving screenshot-capturing software is perhaps the most popular among bloggers. It’s really comfortable and exceptionally useful for capturing selected regions, windows, fullscreen or even full webpages.

It considerably saves your time – you just have to customize a screenshot-capturing hotkey and press it whenever there is a need for a screenshot. Images can be further annotated and edited.


For more information go here.

3. StepShot

This software is a truly successful combo of 2 above listed tools – it both takes screenshots and creates a step-by-step guide based on them. There are 2 different modes: for creating single and multiple screenshots. Each click creates a new screenshot which makes StepShot easy to use.


Every image can be annotated with text and shapes. The ‘blur’ option is used for hiding all secure information. All the steps form a separate step-by-step tutorial which you can export using a suitable template or create a new custom template. On the top of that, a newly created tutorial may be published to WordPress in the form of Articles (set of screenshot-based steps) and Manuals (set of articles). Even a more useful feature for WordPress bloggers would be the possibility to save previously taken screenshots to a folder on your desktop for using them while writing an article in WordPress.

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