Unlock the Benefits of StepShot Guides with People Who Have Experienced Its Value

Allan Caeg

Didn’t imagine it’s so good

“StepShot makes it super fast to create guides composed of multiple steps. Get it. Dammit. Buy this.”

Allan Caeg, Content Marketer, NorthStories.io

Being a content marketer, Allan knows all too well how much time and effort it usually takes to create valuable, share-worthy content that inspires and drives customers to action. He has reported that StepShot Guides is a powerful tool for creating engaging content for clients being at the same time a great instrument for communicating with remote teams. Lack of communication is a major problem many teams are struggling with, since it leads directly to mismanagement, project delays and low employee morale. StepShot Guides makes it easier to communicate ideas with the help of step-by-step screenshots organized in well-designed guides.

Lori Newman

A screenshot can speak volumes

“I had a client demo today, and it was nice providing something tangible to hand to my client. They didn’t have to worry about taking notes they could just follow along with the instructions.”

Lori Newman, Creative Director, Newman Web Solutions

As a businesswoman, Lori finds StepShot Guides efficient in conducting demos for clients. Normally she makes video recordings, but now she also has the ability to give clients something that they can print out and always keep handy. It takes no time for Lori to create a quick training guide and clients really love it! Moreover, she also utilizes our software for taking notes during webinars and says that it perfectly suits her business toolkit.


Getting things done right the first time is invaluable

“I’ve tried to create a simple documentation for my mom on how to use a software that she’s been struggling with. In 15 minutes I’ve had a very professional looking PDF that I sent her.”

Daniel Nordmark, Founder of Yodapp and senior software developer

Working as a senior developer, Daniel used to spend endless hours on writing software documentation. Usually, it took him a few hours to create one well-styled guide. For years he has been searching for the tool that would tackle this challenge. Now that he has already experienced the benefits of StepShot Guides, he can get things done far faster than before. With StepShot Guides, he is able to produce tutorials for customers in 15 minutes. “So, only one guide makes it worth buying the product when you consider how much time it saves you”, according to Daniel.

Moreover, Daniel’s case proves that our product tackles not only work-related issues but also day-to-day problems people tend to run into in real life. Daniel finds our software useful in providing support to both clients and his family, since explaining something over the phone is very time-consuming. Sending a PDF with images and text descriptions, however, makes it easier for both people to communicate efficiently.

Nano Whiz

‘Stepshot’ is the most appropriate name given to this tool

“Onboarding was super easy, and I was able to create my first step-guide within a few minutes. It has all the basic options that you need and makes it damn easy to create a well-documented tutorial or instruction guide.”

Nano Whiz, CEO, Tomatoheart

Nano likes the simplicity and efficiency of StepShot Guides. He has never thought that creating help documents can be that easy. Until recently his company spent a lot of time describing and explaining the idea. With StepShot, they can now let the work speak for itself. Nano believes StepShot Guides is the best tool that defines the idea of screen capturing. 

adrian bold

The app I didn’t know I needed!

“I purchased StepShot Guides because I am a big fan of process documentation and using screenshots to help with training. As a product improves, I also plan to use it for creating quick tutorials for clients.”

Adrian Bold, Director at Bold Internet Ltd.

Adrian claims that StepShot Guides is a great bargain. He loves to create step-by-step guides for clients in a breeze and plans to use the tool for making quick lead magnets. Creating a piece of content like that may seem daunting if you lack both technical skills and the funding to hire staff members or freelancers. With StepShot Guides, however, you can get a well-styled guide in minutes and distribute it right away to harvest leads for your business.

Hau Ngo

Never before was documenting so easy!

“This is the coolest app that I’ve used in a while. Can’t wait to learn how we can apply our own themes.”

Hau Ngo, Analytics Consultant, Summerlin Analytics

As it often happens, documentation makes the majority of people go bonkers. Hau claims that a simple 12 step walk-through could have taken him a couple of hours if he had not discovered StepShot Guides. The traditional way of transferring knowledge with regular screen capturing and editing in Word is burdensome and time-consuming. Hau is happy that the wall is now broken at last and that there exists a brand new solution to this hackneyed problem. He believes that StepShot Guides is a must-have tool for any trainer and consultant.