Do business with no distractions

Totally automate the way you delegate tasks, organize employee training and explain how stuff works saving time for decision making process.


As an entrepreneur, you often have to explain how stuff works, ensure effective communication within a team, and provide constructive feedback on employees’ performance, which is constantly distracting you from growth-oriented activity and decision making process.

Luckily, here is your tool to seamlessly automate those things.

How you will benefit
automatic screen capturing for easy employee training

Easily arrange employee training

To do business properly, you often have to explain something to the newbies, delegate tasks, and ensure effective communication exchange between the team members. Make use of StepShot capturing functionality – simply follow the process while StepShot will be automatically capturing all your steps. This will result in a ready-to-share guide with nicely-styled screenshots that will simplify the explanation of how stuff works.

Delegate tasks and present constructive feedback much faster

According to million-dollar CEOs, the best advice to every entrepreneur is to learn how to properly delegate tasks and share constructive feedback on your workers’ performance. With StepShot Guides, you can invest more in decision making process and management activity. This tool allows to create guides for each routine procedure and transfer them to your employees, thus ensuring smooth and effective employee training.

share guides to ensure effective communication exchange
Training videos as a way to do business more effectively

Explain processes better with training videos

Easily transform your step-by-step guides into training videos for employees or a product tour for customers:

– record your own voice or use multi-lingual auto-narration
– host your training videos on whatever platform you wish

Creating explanatory training videos will help you save up more time for decision making process and overall company management.

Do business better by explaining it to the customers

Assist your customers in finding all the answers themselves by creating a comprehensive help site. Automatically capture the steps and export them as guides that explain how stuff works and training videos that make this explanation visual. Include a section that allows your customers leaving constructive feedback on your product or service.

StepShot in use: explain customers how stuff works
Main Features:

Generate screenshots with every mouse click


Enhance your screenshots in the built-in image editor


Create automatic step descriptions to ensure effective communication


Do business while StepShot recognizes and copies any text from a screenshot


Create training videos with auto-narration or record your own voice


Customize your PDF/Word document with no coding involved


Export to Word, PDF, HTML, WordPress, Images, and Video


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