Atlassian Summit is breaking down the continental boundaries and heading for Barcelona. Couldn’t make it last time to San Jose? Not a big deal. In this article, we will share our first-hand experience and tell you what to expect from the European Atlassian Summit 2017. Are you getting itchy feet? It is definitely a can’t-miss event. Make sure you are ready to hit the road.

Do you happen to know the story behind the name of Atlassian software company? Where did it come from? In fact, it is essential to know in order to understand what European Atlassian Summit is going to be about.

Have a closer look at its logo because it reflects the main idea. Company’s brand name derives from Titan Atlas from Greek mythology who was made to hold up the sky, preventing it from falling. He provided, indeed, a great service to the world – the same as Atlassian company is trying hard to offer high-standard services to its users.


Why is European Atlassian

Summit worth attending?

First of all, take a look into a short video – how it happened last year:


We are going to be a repeat attendee at the upcoming European Atlassian Summit. But there are many loyal participants of this event whose visit numbers increase each time. It begs the question: why do they return to Atlassian Summit year after year?

Atlassian company makes something totally different about how it serves the clients and how it builds the brotherhood around the vendors. From personal experience we may state that Atlassian Summit is a fruitful event for all the people who are engaged in the IT world: experts, customers, vendors and sponsors. All of them share the passion to technology and use the same tools on the daily basis across the globe.

Our humble opinion is that the status of Atlassian company can be compared to Oracle and Microsoft, but the level of its openness and brotherhood can not compete with any other companies we have ever been working with.

Among the key advantages are:

  • possibility to connect with Atlassian staff face-to-face;
  • learning & exchanging experience;
  • building connections with people;
  • building brand awareness.

The opportunity to meet Atlassian experts and influencers is one of the most beneficial pros. Usually it’s about taking selfies, but sometimes you may be lucky to receive a valuable feedback and some new ideas for the further product or self-development.

Atlassian is best known for its products Jira and Confluence. However, by visiting the conference, you may be the first to know about the latest Atlassian’s innovations: new add-ons and plugins which regularly emerge on the marketplace. So, it is the investment in yourself, the chance to level up, catch up on fresh trends and learn more about the industry best practices.

It is the great opportunity to form new relationships and strengthen the existing ones. So, our advice is to make the most of breakout sessions, roundtable discussions and informal gatherings. Don’t miss the possibility to show the demo of your own product as well as watch demo and get many other possibilities instead. If you don’t try, you will lose anyway; if you do, who knows, maybe you will find yourself sitting right next to your future provider or partner.


The Year of the Team – Summit 2016 was an inspiring event as we all came together to celebrate our collaboration on past and future work. Atlassian has teamwork written in its code (and DNA) and those part of this ecosystem benefit from the power of team collaboration. Looking forward to next Summit!

Dave Kremer

Atlassian User Group Leader, San Francisco


Besides, it is a good chance to make a name for yourself and gain a brand exposure. One of the most typical problems that all marketplace vendors tend to face now is that nobody has heard of them or their business. So, there are many tips and tricks how to increase your brand awareness. We suggest, though, to refer to a simple cost-effective method. Here are some of our rules of thumb:

  • make certain that you have a ready-made statement about who you are and what you are engaged in;
  • use powerful social media tools;
  • develop engaging content that would attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Do it through the various forms: daily blog post, infographics, videos, etc;
  • educate people, distributing educational materials;
  • entertain people and create the atmosphere of brotherhood around your product.

Why should you become a part of the Atlassian ecosystem?

To answer this question, we cannot but tell you about our personal experience from the last year’s Atlassian Summit in San Jose. Now our team has had a chance to be a part of this great global event for the second time. Our CEO, Sasha Reminnyi, shares his impressions of the last event with us and voices his expectations for the forthcoming European Atlassian Summit.

There is actually a great story behind. We were in San Francisco because of TechCrunch. The trip was organized by our good old friend, Max Gurvits, together with Nick Bilogorsky and Zhenya Rozinskiy. I personally don’t see any value in visiting startup conferences, but that was something we couldn’t miss. The business is always made up of people, and we were going to meet a lot of good people during that event. Having a few days of spare time in SF, we decided also to visit the Atlassian office, looking for new business opportunities.

Our product at that time was already on the Atlassian marketplace for a while but was not demonstrating any traction. We cold messaged several guys from the Atlassian SF office, and, unbelievably, more than half of the messages got responses! But the most wonderful answer we received was from Luke Kilpatrick, Developer Project Manager from Atlassian. He invited us for a tour in the office! It was love at first sight! Not between us but between our product and Atlassian ecosystem. Luke immediately saw the value, got inspired by our product idea and invited us to participate in the Summit just two weeks before the very event. This is one of those successful stories I will always be proud of. We already had our tickets in hand to go back to Europe, but we understood – we couldn’t miss the event that sounded so promising for us! So two jet lags later, we were back to San Jose, ready to rock & roll. One of the amazing benefits that we received was the invitation to showcase our add-on for the Atlassian Summit audience on a large stage! Mind-blowing! We’ve met so many great people there! Moreover, when I was speaking how our product can solve very specific problems of killing boredom when creating and publishing IT documentation, one guy from the first row just screamed out: “Shut up and take my money!” Such proof of social recognition just pushed us 100 steps forward, bringing a new wave of inspiration and motivation.


Our First European Summit is going to be excellent with talks about how to use your Atlassian Applications better, which hot new add-ons can make your life better and over 1000 other Atlassian users to get to know. A first for an Atlassian Summit will be the add-ons showcase and panels in the Expo Hall, learn how world leading companies are using add-ons and hear from vendors on how their add-ons can improve your systems!
Luke Kilpatrick
Developer Project Manager, Atlassian

Psss! Don’t tell anyone, but we will also showcase our add-on there ;).

How to get the most out of the European Atlassian Summit?

We have already visited this Atlassian Summit conference in two roles: as a user and as a marketplace vendor. Thus, we can give some hints what should be at the focus of attention in both cases.

From a user perspective, it is extremely important to network with people just to know how they use the same products as you, since sometimes they may go through the similar problems or gain the similar benefits. So, our advice is not to hesitate and team up. At the same time, it is also useful to attend training courses in order to sharpen your product skills and not to miss the opportunity to speak with professionals.


Participating in various presentations allowed me a chance to not only discover products to complement our software stack but it also gave me ideas on new ways to use what we have. No need to reinvent the wheel. I learned about the best practices other teams have discovered and was able to bring some of those back to my team.

Michael S.

Manager, Enterprise Environments, Data, and Tools , Major US Retailer Company


Suppose an Atlassian product in your company, let’s say Jira, is not working the way you expected it to be, Summit is the right place where you can reach out directly to experts and say: “Look, here is an issue, please fix it. And believe – you will get feedback.

 For the marketplace vendors, building their brand awareness is a top priority. It might be difficult because brand awareness building involves a lot of creativity. However, all of them are trying hard to stand out from the crowd in all ways possible: wearing the same T-shirts with their company’s logo, using wide screens, distributing marketing materials, etc.

If you are a newbie in the field and don’t know what to do in this new ecosystem – here is a golden rule:Try to find true apologists who would really like and support your idea. It’s not so difficult to achieve as it might seem for the first time. What is more important is to network with people who have experienced some difficulties and recovered afterwards, since they may give you some valuable pieces of advice. By and large, there are several things that should go together:

  • Good idea that will rock;
  • Successful implementation of this idea;
  • Effective promotion of the final product that involves collaboration and networking with other professionals.

Chilling out with Atlassians

It is worth mentioning that Atlassian Summit is not only about training and collaboration but also about having fun. Teams from around the globe come to get fired up and gain the latest insights from the field. There was a great feeling of brotherhood in the air. This is the exact reason why people always come back to the Atlassian Summit. The events such as Shiplt Live and Bash stimulate interactions between people and create the informal atmosphere of open communication. Our team witnessed it last year and now we are thrilled to attend the first-ever European Atlassian Summit 2017.




How do you think what is more important: to stick to the agenda or move away a bit from the plan and spend some time sharing experience and own ideas with others? We are of opinion that conversations are more valuable than sessions. The lectures and sessions may give some new ideas, but they’re unidirectional. By the way, you can get the slides or books that were discussed later on. However, the insightful conversations you have with other people can only occur at the event.

While preparing for the European Atlassian Summit, make a concise to-do list. Check out the agenda for the Summit and select programs that are most important for you as a marketplace vendor or as a user. Keep in mind that it is necessary to stay always tuned during the whole period so as not to miss any important meetings. In this case, we advise to check in on their hashtag #AtlassianSummit on Twitter and other social media in order to see what’s going on.

Atlassian Summit Dress code

Having a picture of Atlassian president Jay Simons in mind, wearing green wig during the last year’s closure ceremony, we should say that there is no such a thing as a dress code for Atlassians at all. Whatever you wear: a really formal tuxedo or simply flip-flops, looking like you have just arrived from the sunny beach, you will be equally accepted.


Meet us in Barcelona!

As far as our company is concerned, we do have some aces up our sleeve. But let us not disclose all the secrets right away. Keep calm and visit our booth K20 at the Expo Hall. Let yourself see everything with your own eyes. We hope to be pretty visible from the marketing standpoint. We are going to present our e-book on how to create content and use Confluence for it to its full potential. So, if your company is struggling with creation and management of the content, this book may come in handy. And we are hoping to implement our solution within Atlassian on a large scale. We have a lot of plans ahead!

It’s high time we embarked on a journey. Are you in?

StepShot is a user-friendly software for creating step-by-step guides and manuals with the minimum efforts required. Since Atlassian Confluence is aimed to store company’s knowledge, StepShot just helps teams capture that knowledge in the easiest way possible. Last year StepShot for Confluence was mentioned in the Atlassian Summit keynote talk. Also, StepShot was nominated as the Popular Choice Add-on for Confluence in the Atlassian Codegeist Hackathon 2016. Honestly speaking, we hope this trip will be even more successful than the previous one.