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Simple Yet Powerful Software for Creating Training Manuals and Guides


Take a sequence of screenshots

Never before has it been such a joy to create a process documentation guide. You go through the procedure and the program automatically takes a screenshot on every mouse click you did, reducing the time you usually spend on creating help files for web applications, programs, systems, etc.

Enhance a guide by making some annotations

Tailor a guide to meet your specific needs with the help of the comprehensive toolkit of the industry’s best user guide creation software.

Export a ready-made guide

Select a template, customize it and publish a how-to guide to WordPress or export it as a PDF file.

Unlock the Features of our Software for Creating User Manuals and Guides

capture the process guides

Select the Capturing Area:


An active window

By default the software chooses an active window to be captured.

The entire screen

Select to capture the full screen if you want to show the wider context.

A certain region

Select the part of the screen you would like to capture.

Annotate Visuals with StepShot’s Practical Toolkit



Crop unnecessary parts and leave what matters.

Text boxes

Add the text to your screenshots with a text box.


Easily add different shapes to an image so you can communicate your ideas.
Editing StepShot Guides
export and publish guides

Save and Publish a Guide


PDF document

Export your technical instructions as a PDF screenshot-based guide. To style your document, you can choose from one of the existing templates.


Example 1   Example 2   Example 3   Example 4



Easily publish your training materials to a website or blog on WordPress.

How do people use StepShot Guides?



Love producing step-by-step guides explaining software functionality and publish them right to their WordPress blog.

Software Training Specialists

Like creating training manuals, help files allowing their trainees to follow the procedures at their own pace.

IT Students

Love taking multiple screenshots on Mac capturing the software or programming procedures and annotate them to have their homework prepared for the practical classes.

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