StepShot Image Editor for Confluence and Jira

Get everything you need to make image editing super easy and fast
in one comprehensive software for screenshot and image annotation.

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Best Image Editing Software Unveils Its Benefits


Unlimited Re-Editing Option

Easily make edits to your images and change the content on top of them even after you have saved the previous changes. All annotations are saved on a separate layer.

Seamless Integration

Image Editor has been developed as a Confluence and Jira plug-in and is a new time-saving opportunity for quick and smooth image annotation within your knowledge base.

Cloud & Server Support

To cater to the customer needs, the product is designed for both Confluence Cloud and Confluence Server users.

Discover Key Functions of Our Image Editing Tool

Draws lines, arrows, and rectangles

Highlights the text and fill in the shapes with a color

Adds text to the images

Saves all the changes on separate layers

Blurs certain parts of
an image

Re-edits previous images

Add key information to images in Confluence in minutes.
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Make edits to your images in Jira just in a few clicks.
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