Creating Diverse Types of Medical Documents with StepShot's Documenting Tool

There is no doubt about the importance of documentation in healthcare. The majority of healthcare organizations nowadays have gone paperless, and an urgent need to manage health records electronically arises. Digitizing medical records has already saved millions of lives. However, the main challenges that prevent turning healthcare documentation into a ‘well-oiled machine’ embrace the complexity of documentation management systems used by healthcare organizations and large volumes of data that needs to be processed and maintained. StepShot can bring clarity and consistency to healthcare documentation and streamline SOP guide creation for better employee training and their software awareness.

Application of StepShot’s Solutions to Healthcare Documentation

StepShot is a versatile tool on its own that allows for creating a variety of custom manuals. Healthcare organizations can utilize it to create guides for their staff and patients alike. This type of content is necessary for a wide range of tasks, from creating SOP guides to training new staff. StepShot can create patient guides and many other types of medical records just in a few clicks:

  1. A specialist goes through the standard procedure.
  2. The program operates in the background, taking multiple screenshots on every mouse click and automatically capturing text descriptions.
  3. A person annotates those screenshots with the StepShot practical toolkit.
  4. And finally, a ready-made guide can be exported as a PDF file or published to WordPress.

1) Writing a Standard Operating Procedure Guide

Due to the fact that EMR\EHR systems and HIPAA Compliance software used by healthcare organizations are quite sophisticated and feature-rich, it becomes necessary for clinical educators to create training documents, SOP manuals and software help documentation.

How can you create a SOP manual with StepShot?

Electronic medical records (EMR)\electronic health records (EHR) systems and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Compliance software are designed to store and protect personal health information in a digital format. With StepShot, a SOP controller or EMR\EHR trainer has the possibility to document such standard walkthroughs as entering\deleting PHI data or writing compliance reports just in a breeze.

2) Creating a Wide Range of Patient Documents

As long as all types of medical records are maintained electronically, healthcare organizations are to provide their patients with clear and consistent patient documents that are aligned with the company’s policy and brand. StepShot offers a set of standard templates, as well as the possibility to customize templates to suit your brand policy, so that a nurse or an office manager can quickly issue a medical invoice, patient’s visit summary or medical history form without much ado. One screenshot can speak volumes. And screenshot-based patient guides can reduce the number of phone calls from customers and long queues in hospitals.

3) Creating a Training Guide on HIPAA Compliance Standards

HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules are crucial for patient sensitive data protection. Covered Entities and Business Associates who are responsible for HIPAA Compliance are required to document and update HIPAA Compliance standards on a regularly basis. StepShot may come in handy as a powerful tool for capturing or updating needed information on HIPAA requirements and creating training guides for the representatives of different departments in healthcare organizations involved in HIPAA Compliance standards documentation process.

Benefits of StepShot for Healthcare Industry

Creation documentation in any specified format

Easy adjustment and editing of documents

Integration in the organization’s software platform

Synchronizing with available healthcare knowledge base

Creation of guides, manuals, and other informative materials with visuals

Need an Efficient Tool for the Healthcare Documentation?

If you are curious about writing a standard operating procedure guide or some other type of medical documents with StepShot, read our customers’ success stories to know how you can benefit from our tool and leverage your time by doing more with less.