Today’s article reveals several feasible lead magnet ideas that can be implemented by people with a little to no tech or design skills in order to fuel their sales funnel and drive customers to take action. Digital marketers know all too well what it takes to build an email list in today’s ever-changing corporate world. Nobody is ready to give up their email and get spammed without receiving anything in return. A lead magnet is virtually the best way to enlarge a number of your prospects’ emails in a short run by creating a viable piece of content that converts.

If you think that the goal of a lead magnet is simply to gather as many as possible random subscribers, my answer would be a resounding “Nooo….. it isn’t so, in fact”. Lead magnet aims to capture quality leads for a marketing team to nurture them to sale.

There is some evidence that 98% of people won’t buy on their first visit and 55% of people leave your website within the first 15 seconds of their visit. And that sucks. A lead magnet is a good means to hook your website visitors and offer your readers the incentive to join your email list because it usually takes six to eight touches (e.g. emails) to convert a lead into a customer.

When it comes to creating lead magnets, many would ask “What is the simplest, cheapest and time-effective way to create a compelling piece of content?” Today, you will discover several unique lead magnet ideas with which you can churn out eye-catching PDFs like a charm in no time.

5 PDF Lead Magnet Ideas that Work

Content upgrades

Let’s say you have several long reads on your blog that really rock. So why not to turn them into quick PDFs that you can give away and then use to gather the emails of your hot prospects?

Below is the procedure to follow:

Step 1: Open your long read.

Step 2: Login to your StepShot Guides account.

Step 3: Specify your document information (a title, name of the author, and a short description).

Step 4: Capture visual content (images, infographics, banners, logos, quotes, etc.) on your blog post or other pages where you consider images to be relevant to the topic. Or import pictures directly from your computer. In order to do that, hit the Upload button at the top left.

NOTE: You can insert a text without necessarily capturing a screenshot. Find the Empty Step button at the bottom of left menu.

Step 5: Complement each image with text from your article. Insert it as a Step title (if you want it to be displayed above an image) or as a Step description (if you want it to be displayed below an image)

Step 6: Export a document as a PDF file. Сhoose a plain basic template or try to configure a template on your own in order to create a unique layout that would be aligned with your business needs and goals. Check out the guide on how to configure StepShot Guides PDF templates.

Ta-da! You’ve just created your own lead magnet using StepShot Guides.

NOTE: Don’t forget to turn off cursor highlighting and metadata capturing while recording in the My Settings tab.

Here is an example of how I did this: I chose one of our long reads and turned it into a simple PDF lead magnet. All in all, it took me just a few minutes.

On the flip side, with StepShot Guides templates, it is possible to create a PDF sample of a long read that will look exactly like a SharePoint Presentation. What makes the difference, however, is that you don’t need to switch between multiple contexts and can do the task far faster than with SharePoint.

In order to convert your long read into a kind of PDF presentation, please follow all the instructions mentioned in the first example but for the last step.

Step 6: Choose a Pearl Shore Presentation to export a document as a PDF file.

I took the same blog post as in the previous example, and here is what my lead magnet now looks like.


Guides are some of the most commonly-utilized types of lead magnets for educating prospects on why they should choose you as the solution to their problem.

With the help of our tool, I have created a self-guided manual on StepShot Guides to prove you that creating technical documentation can be hassle-free and simple.

“I am using it to create guides which I plan to offer as lead magnets and bonuses for my online course.” Zaid Azam, Online Trainer


PDF reviews of various stuff that people always search for on the Internet are great opt-in offers. Founders and top managers like investigating new solutions on the market and comparing vendors, seeking the best possible option. As an example, I will prepare for you a list of StepShot’s three main competitors with short descriptions of the solutions they offer for you to see where the difference lies in.

Check out what I have created with StepShot just in 5 minutes, no joke.


Knowledge transfer has always posed a big problem in each organization, let along large enterprises. Writing standard operating procedures is a typical activity, which is, in fact, considered to be boring and time-consuming. With StepShot, it is no longer the case. You can create a simple PDF SOP without allocating to it much effort and time. Have you ever thought to share your Knowledge Base (KB) articles with someone else who is doing the same job and might be willing to give up their emails in exchange for your PDF SOP?

As long as we use Confluence, it is important for employees to know how to utilize the tool. Thus, we are used to documenting SOPs in our company to smooth out the onboarding process for new hires. Here is the example of one of our PDF SOPs that can serve as a lead magnet for prospects who use Confluence on a daily basis as well.

A Quick Recap

If you remember nothing else from this article, remember this:

The perceived value of a lead magnet equals a number of qualified leads. Click To Tweet

To achieve this final goal a lead magnet should be not only relevant to your target audience but also concise, informative, demonstrative (contain some visual assets), and what is more – totally free.

I know there are other tools out there that allow to do even more, such as InDesign, Canva but their learning curve is high as compared to what it takes to get things done in StepShot. Tap into these lead magnet ideas and translate them into reality with Stepshot!

Now it’s Your Turn

What do you use to create your lead magnets? Are you creating these?

Please share your lead magnet ideas in the comment section below.