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Free up your time for growth-oriented tasks while StepShot Guides PRO speeds up the boring ones.

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Documenting stuff, onboarding freshers, delegating tasks, and simply explaining something to your teammates takes insanely too much of your time? Luckily, the perfect solution is found – StepShot Guides Pro can’t wait to help you figure these things out.

StepShot Guides PRO is a process documentation tool for producing step-by-step guides, video tutorials and onboarding materials for customers and employees in just minutes to free up your time for both professional and business growth.

That’s why we teamed up with LTDF group to negotiate this Pro deal and take care of automating the documentation routine for you.

Just go through the procedure and StepShot will create
a step-by-step guide in just 5 minutes.

1. You do the procedure - StepShot makes a guide

StepShot Guides Pro captures screenshot with every mouse click you make. It offers three capturing options to choose from: full screen, active window, and selected region. What is more, StepShot Guides Pro automatically recognizes the clicks you have made and puts them into step description.

2. Edit and annotate your screenshots right in your guide

Once screenshots are made, you can proceed with editing them using our simple yet professional editing tools. Add different shapes and arrows, highlight important elements of the screenshot, insert text boxes, enumerate with sequence numbering, crop your screenshots, blur secure info, set preferable fonts and colors and even more.

3. Customize your guide with no coding skills

With StepShot Guides Pro, you no longer need to cudgel your brains
with coding. Just copy one of the professional Word or PDF templates provided and edit it (drag the elements, edit or delete variables, change fonts and colours, etc.) to make sure it is fully aligned with your company branding.

4. Automatically recognize text from the screenshots

Now, StepShot Guides Pro automatically recognizes text from your screenshot allowing to copy it to click board and paste wherever you want.

5. Convert guides into video with auto-narration provided

Make engaging demos for your customers and prepare cool training videos forthwith. Take a full advantage of our auto-narration feature choosing from 4 audio languages and several voice-overs available. By preference, record your own voice as a video accompaniment.

6. Export and share your guide with your team or clients

Take full advantage of our exporting options: PDF, HTML, Word, Video, WordPress or Images.

To sum up briefly,
what you get with StepShot Guides Pro lifetime

- Access to all basic and PRO features

- Advanced screen capturing (capturing with the mouse and keyboard clicks; capturing the whole screen, selective area and active window)

- Professional editing toolbar (Crop,Text boxes, Shapes, Blur, Highlight, Arrows, Sequences)

- Export to the most popular formats (PDF, Word, HTML,Video, WordPress, Images)

- Fully customizable Word and PDF templates

- Built-in advanced PDF design editor

- Video guides editor + auto narration

- Automatic text recognition on screenshots (OCR)

- Automatic repeated data insertion into docs (company branding such as company name, address, contacts etc.)

- Quick support and further product updates

In terms of this deal, all the above-listed functionality and future updates of your StepShot instance are available for $200 only while the retail price of the solution totals $588 per year.

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Still doubting?

Check out testimonials:

The App I didn’t know I needed!

This app is amazing, I love that it's a desktop app and it has massively improved my process for sharing with clients the steps they need to take to do something. I'm excited to use it for my courses.

David Castillo

Didn’t imagine it’s soo good!

StepShot makes it super fast to create guides composed of multiple steps. Within an hour of purchasing, I already found a use case for sending a step-by-step guide to my VA that's better done with StepShot's multiple images and written instructions.
Get it. Dammit. Buy this.

Allan Caeg

Perfect for:

IT Operations Team


Customer Success Team


Educate your employees better


Educate your employees better


Educate your employees better


Educate your employees better


Educate your employees better

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