Searching for a powerful Oracle UPK Alternative? Currently looking into alternative solutions that shine bright on the market? We invite you to take a critical look at our expert comparison between Oracle UPK vs StepShot Guides Pro. No advertising, no waffling, just bare facts.

According to a survey we conducted a few months ago, it seems that Oracle UPK is one of the most sought after tools for ERP documentation on the market. Check out one of our previous blog posts to understand more about the tools ERP consultants use to tackle their documentation challenges.

Are You Prepared for the UPK Sunset?

Oracle has recently revealed that they have discontinued the development of User Productivity Kit. In April 2019, they plan to end premier support too. They also aren’t offering any replacement products. This has left thousands of UPK evangelists perplexed, as many of them strongly believe that there is no any other tool that can compete with Oracle UPK. However, this article will cover StepShot Gudes Pro, which promises to be a worthy Oracle UPK alternative.

According to our previously mentioned survey, there are the top 5 difficulties that ERP specialists encounter when creating ERP documentation:

  • Slow performance from the tool in question, and lengthy time consumption when documenting business processes
  • A lot of manual work and only a small amount of automation
  • Complexity of the tools and high prices for them
  • Poor customization of the tool and inaccuracies in screen recording
  • The tool being unable to take a series of screenshots on the go

It seems that ERP experts are hesitant to part with their money for a tool which lacks customization and is difficult to master, even if it is feature-rich and in demand.

Oracle UPK is a real market leader, with 4 million users globally. It is a unique platform to generate, deploy, control, and maintain software training content, to ensure better end user adoption. Oracle UPK delivers context-sensitive help, directly within its application, to walk the user through a business process, thereby reducing help desk calls.


  • Available in 22 languages
  • Has a number of integrations with core ERP systems
  • Supports any application
  • Automatically captures a process as you perform it


  • Oracle has discontinued the development of User Productivity Kit, and UPK premier support is set to end in April 2019
  • Outdated and clogged interface
  • Super complex
  • High price tag – $17k(USD)

What Do We Offer?

StepShot is efficient software that helps you document processes and create instructions, as well as user guides in the form of a sequence of annotated screenshots. You can also export them to various formats or publish them online. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to facilitate the documentation process. Moreover, it can also be used as a training tool. With StepShot, you will be able to work less while getting more done. You can leverage your time and optimize the documenting process. There are several reasons for this:

  • 80% of the work is done automatically, so all you need to do is to insert small annotations to your steps.
  • You are able to take a series of screenshots, as well as work with several guides at the same time.
  • The interface of StepShot Guides is revolutionary, user friendly, and easy to use.

Our team is constantly working on developing the software so that it can solve the pain points that we have encountered during this survey.

The worst result shown by StepShot was 50% saved time spent on the documentation, while the best result was almost 90% in saved time. You can calculate your ROI with our ROI calculator, and see how much time you can save with us. Follow the link now to calculate your ROI.

Take a look at the range of shiny features that will be implemented in StepShot Guides Pro. Note that these are the most frequent requests from our clients:

Export to Word

We expect you to love StepShot Guides Pro even more than Word. The software will provide a Word export option with a “just right” looking styling. Each insert will be automatically aligned to the style of the document. And you’ll see the final document as it is, without any further need to preview it before exporting.

Point-and-click UI Explain Tool

Don’t like adding too much info to a small screenshot area? Just point to the important areas — and callouts will be generated automatically!

Inbuilt Process Diagram Editor

How many times have you wanted to add a diagram to your manual, and then had to use a different tool for the matter? Don’t worry about it.The Inbuilt Process Diagram Editor feature will get the job done.

Export into a Video Format

Want something more interactive than a static document?

Export a series of steps directly into a video file! Are you spending hour after hour trying to record your voice to sound nice? We’ve got your back! Our tool will be able to read your text annotations for you.

Integrated OCR Technology

Do you remember the last time you were trying to copy an error message from the pop-up window but ended up having to actually write it manually? With integrated OCR technology, this is no longer an issue. Recognize your text from any image and store it just where you feel it should be in your Guide!

This is not a complete list of the features we plan to deliver to you. We still have a couple of aces up our sleeve. However, we aren’t going to disclose them right away. So, stay tuned with StepShot for further updates!

StepShot Guides Pro is a great migration option. It is currently going through rapid development and is going to be released by the end of this summer. There are already about 200 early adopters, who have reserved a Pro account at a lower price. Now they are preparing to test drive the alpha version, which is due for release later this month. Wanna become an early adopter and join our ever growing StepShot community? Sign up now to get an early access!

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