Hau Ngo, SAP Analytics Consultant at Summerlin Analytics (Las Vegas, USA)

  • has been working in the sphere since 2001
  • brings supply chain analytics to companies that run SAP (Cloud, BW, HANA)
  • worked as an enterprise developer before, was hired straight from the college
  • computer science and engineering background prepared him for the career

We were fortunate to have had a pleasant and informal yet profound conversation with Hau on the topic of his expertise.
The result of the interview can be found below.

0:55 Introduction & Background

‘After 5 to 7 years in any industry after you’ve been consistently working and solving the same type of problems for your customers, you get this familiarity with the problem’.


2:47 Expertise playing tricks in your career

5:22 Personal challenges and how to deal with them

‘The challenge that I’m facing now is not more on the technology side, it’s really more on the people’s aspect of it’.


‘I know what I know but I’m not sure what they know and what they don’t know. I can talk technical terms all day long but they won’t understand it. My job involves working with different people, aligning our understanding of the problem and working through all mindset shifts to make sure we have a good understanding before we even start the project.’

Visibility is a huge problem for startups. You may be doing it for many years being a true expert in the niche, but your potential customers don’t know either about you specifically or your startup because the sphere is really large. Click To Tweet


7:08 Building trust between you and a customer – how it works

‘Cultivating trust is core in this business. The question is how do you build trust with your customer immediately and early on in the process.’


‘Building trust is a fine balance. On one hand, you want to show that you are an expert and you know what you’re talking about. Having initial conversation will show that. Building trust, on the other hand, is a little bit harder. You want to create the environment that is beneficial for your customer to be able to really express the issues he or she is dealing with and the concerns.’

‘The biggest way to build trust is to give your client that trust.’ Click To Tweet
  • always have discovery meetings
  • ask what their definitions of some terms are
  • be honest not only about what you know but also don’t hesitate to clarify things about your customer’s business you don’t know
‘Be honest. Say them here’s what I know but here is what I don’t know. It gives more credibility to the things you said you do know about’ Click To Tweet


11:27 Same procedure but different projects – is there the universal approach or you need to always learn?

‘It’s difficult to say to any customer “I’m prepared”.’

‘Once you reached a certain level in your career, you need to take a step back and ask yourself what are the things you’re really good at and what are the things that someone else should do.’ Click To Tweet

‘You can prepare yourself by understanding what you’re good at, understanding the technologies that make you better at that space and focusing on the customers you help best versus trying to help everybody’.


15:07 Connection between better reports and optimizing supply chains

‘Again the challenge is people. They have all the data but with many issues we deal, they don’t know what data they have or how to use it.’ Click To Tweet


19:48 How long does it take on average to come up with a report?

‘We understand where you think the problem is, but I think the solution is elsewhere and this is why.’


21:11 What part of the Consultant’s implementation project is the most boring?

‘Documentation is the worst. That’s why no one does it’ 🙂 Click To Tweet


23:15 StepShot – how it helps SAP Consultants do their job

‘When I read the description, I said, oh my God, this is it, this is the tool. This is a big easy button I can press and get rid of that pain point for me.’ Click To Tweet


  • People don’t document
  • If they do, this is just a series of screenshots thrown to either a Word document or an Excel file – all over the place
  • One person’s approach looks completely different from another person’s approach – not uniform, not professional

‘So I can continue to do what I do, and it will take screenshots automatically, and it goes all into a list of things I can just review/delete/edit/comment?!’

‘It just automates that process for me. And I saw it - I loved it. It took what I was doing and added a formal process around it.’ Click To Tweet

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25:21 Can you call the profession of the SAP consultant a ‘rewarding job’?

Spoiler: no

‘Helping people is what I love. I always like to see that light bulb come up in the person’s mind’.


28:49 Motivational wish to the listeners

‘Think of what you’re really good at to get better at that, find tools that help you get there, elevate your work and get there as soon as possible’. Click To Tweet

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