RPA process design
& discovery made easy

Need to automate business procedures? Quickly create a process design document, build a code-free prototype of software robots and export it to an RPA tool. Get the ROI from automation quicker than ever before!


Why do you need a tool for process design documentation?

Process analysis is a crucial stage before using any RPA tools, since it helps to get the full vision of business processes and explains how to automate them. However, it usually takes a lot of time and effort:


Interview the employees and document all their steps for each procedure


Manually prepare long reports and provide automation recommendations


Spend time on drawing up the robot requirements and work on the first prototype


Get the first version of the robot only after months of documentation work


Alternatively, StepShot can help you dodge this struggle and flawlessly deliver robotic process automation

How does it work?

Automatically capture every step during the process

Simply install Stepshot to a computer or share the license with SMEs and the tool will automatically take a screenshot of each user action, providing a text description for it. No more time-wasting interviews with employees!


Get the detailed process design document

As a result of capturing each user session, you’ll receive a styled PDD document with all the necessary info about your process.

Possible output formats:

  • Word
  • PDF
  • PowerPoint
  • HTML

Choose the most efficient path based on received PDDs

Having a detailed structure of the process, you can easily analyze and choose the most effective RPA solution to provide effective business process improvement.


Export the process right into RPA tools & get the fully working prototype immediately

No need to involve developers to create the first bot prototype. Just export your captured procedure into UiPath and simply replicate it with a bot – with no coding involved!

What’s else?

Quick and intuitive Diagram Editor

Based on the procedure a user performs, StepShot automatically builds a process diagram, so you can easily follow the process logic represented by a diagram which you can seamlessly edit and customize.

Perfect for:


Business process analyst


RPA consultant


Business analyst


Easily capture each step of the specific procedures, get the entire vision of the processes, and choose the right one to automate!

After defining the right process, you can seamlessly export the necessary workflow into the RPA tool and share it with the automation team

No need to spend months preparing the documents for automation and building the first prototypes. Achieve the ROI for automation in no time.