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If your are tasked with choosing the right documentation software, here is where StepShot steps in. Let’s check our solutions and choose the one perfectly matching your needs.

stepshot guides interface

StepShot Guides

A neat cross-platform instrument for bloggers, students, and training specialists who are sick and tired of spending hours on explaining how things work.

  • automate process capturing through automatic screenshots and text data generation;
  • annotate screenshots in bulks;
  • Exporting to PDF document or presentation or publish to WordPress to make your guide available online. 

StepShot Manuals

The right software tool for your business IT Ops to automate the process of knowledge capturing: 

  • develop enterprise documentation and thus eliminate problems of so-called “tribal knowledge”;
  • capture the knowledge of subject matter experts (SMEs) without making them annoyed;
  • export to the variety of formats to post-edit and store documents after the knowledge is captured.
stepshot manuals interface
image editor interface

StepShot Image Editor

Improve your communication through annotated images in Atlassian Confluence and Jira

  • annotate images within your Cloud or Server instance;
  • re-edit them whenever you like (we always keep the original image file untouched);

No need to use several tools to annotate your images separately from your instance.