StepShot ROI Calculator

The StepShot ROI calculator stimulates the potential return on investment that you could receive by using StepShot for creating your enterprise documentation. Our software saves from 50 to 80% of the time and money our clients spend on writing user guides, manuals, reports and walkthroughs.


How Much Can StepShot Help You Save?

Please, enter your data to calculate your potential ROI. We’ll send you the results via the mailbox you’ll provide below the form. 
ROI calculator

How many people are engaged in the process of documentation creation in your company?
What is your hourly rate or rate of the person who documents on a regular basis?
How long does it take to create documentation in your company?
How many hours do you spend on documentation over the period you stated in the previous field?



The outcomes are based on the average result seen by our customers who are actively using our software. Your data may vary a bit depending on various factors.

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