The notion of RPA conference refers to a global caravan of events devoted to automation technology and robotic automation tools. As RPA is constantly evolving and expanding, while reframing not only the IT world but also other industries, 2019 is becoming another year of innovations in robotic automation. Depending on the topic, knowledge area, and target audience, an RPA conference in 2019 will be useful for automation experts like RPA developers, managers, and business analysts, as well as RPA vendors and their customers.

“RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is an application of technology aimed at automating business processes in terms of business logic and structured inputs. Using robotic process automation, a company can configure the software – a “robot” – to capture and transmit programs for handling transactions, managing data, triggering responses, and interacting with other systems…” Read more


4th AI and Robotic Process Automation World Summit 2019

Take part in the leading international RPA conference for AI & RPA practitioners and find out about the experience of robotic automation straight from the horse’s mouth. Professionals from more than 40 companies including UBS, Amazon, ING, Tespack, NIIS Health, Bosch, IKEA, BMW, and more will tell you how they implement RPA and generate impressive ROI.

04-07 June 2019 – Dusseldorf, Germany

“Many companies choose to implement RPA, not only because it increases productivity, but also owing to ROI (Return of Investment). Ask the RPA vendors you’re interested in how much their automation solutions cost – it usually ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 per year. Usually, the RPA solution is 65% less expensive than full-time workers…” Read more


World Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit

Join RPA Summit to meet the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) assessing RPA solutions for their businesses and specializing in areas like Finance, Procurement, Automation, and others. This RPA conference will cast light on different types of automation technology including RPA, Digital Process Automation, Digital Transformation, AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning, and more.

02-10 May 2019 – Bangalore, India

“During the RPA solution design phase, the RPA business analyst or SME role implies the creation of a process design document (aka PDD). This type of document is of the utmost importance throughout the entire process of the RPA implementation, as it comprises all the necessary data on the RPA solutions for the technical team…” Read more


AI, RPA and Cognitive Summit

Concerned about replacing staff with robots? Worried about data security and loss of control? Learn how to overcome these barriers to robotic automation adoption on AI, RPA, and Cognitive Summit: SMEs specializing in different areas from HR and Outsourcing to Finance and Automation are ready to share their knowledge and experience on business automation.

03 May 2019 – Dallas, TX, USA
19 September 2019 – Toronto, Canada
20 September 2019 – Boston, MA, USA
20 September 2019 – Denver, CO, USA
16 August 2019 – Singapore
30 August 2019 – New York, NY, USA

“Process analysis is a crucial stage before using any RPA tools, since it helps to get the full vision of business processes and explains how to automate them. However, it usually takes a lot of time and effort. Alternatively, quickly analyze your business procedures, deliver code-free prototypes, and estimate ROI with an innovative tool in 2019…” Read more


World RPA, Cognitive and AI Summit

This is one of the largest gatherings of RPA developers and other automation professionals eager to know more about innovative automation technology, future challenges and opportunities, and self-learning as a way to build a career in RPA. International experts from the leading RPA companies will attend this RPA conference as delegates and speakers to discuss modern RPA solutions.

30 August 2019 – Bangalore, India
23 September 2019 – Hyderabad, India

“While the giants like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism are already popular worldwide and continue to consolidate their positions in the RPA market while racing against each other, 2019 has also become a year of innovation presented by RPA startups. Although these companies are only beginning their way towards RPA, they do have the power and potential to complement, if not to triumph over the giants” Read more


Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit

IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) is an RPA approach oriented at artificial intelligence application for handling repetitive back-office routine tasks to streamline and improve business processes. While IPA is often the first solution to invest in as it leads to quick wins with a lower investment, it is only one tool in the automation toolbox, combining a range of automation technologies like cognitive, machine learning, AI, and others.

10 May 2019 – Melbourne, Australia
17 May 2019 – Atlanta, GA, USA
22 May 2019 – Chicago, IL, USA
24 May 2019 – New York, NY, USA
5 July 2019 – Dublin, Ireland
20 September 2019 – Sydney, Australia

“With the growth of modern technology, many business analysts, CEOs, and other professionals related to business process optimization are eager to know how the latest innovations can help them. Indeed, robotics process automation comes to the rescue when it’s needed to improve certain business processes while saving the time and money currently spent on them” Read more


UiPath Together

This RPA conference 2019 is organized by the leader of the RPA market – UiPath – with the aim of bringing together their experts, partners, and clients. This year, they promise to talk about the impact of robotic automation on the business and quality of life, levers, and effects of productivity boosts, and the extension of UiPath scope in 2019 owing to AI in Digital Transformation.

23 May 2019 – Shanghai, China
4 June 2019 – Sydney, Australia

“UiPath is the indisputable race leader among robotic process automation software, which offers a platform to design robots and automate typical business processes. The company loudly claims that they want to make IT automation software accessible to everyone, and they seem to succeed in this offering a free UiPath Community Edition, clear interface, and free training on RPA via UiPath Academy” Read more


Blue Prism World 2019

Gain knowledge from one of the most successful RPA pioneers – Blue Prism. Access new robotic automation technology, get expert advice, discuss optimal RPA solutions, and inspire incredible ideas in your business. Our speakers, customers, and partners will tell you how they drive themselves forward with impressive developments and exceptional digital transformation technology.

22 May 2019 – Orlando, USA

“Blue Prism has been recognized as a “market leader” in the 2018-19 Ovum Decision Matrix (ODM) on RPA platforms, owing to its rapid customer adoption, powerful technical capabilities for enterprises, and comprehensive product roadmap. While the company is frequently considered as an RPA tool for the financial industry, the vendor offers solutions for a much wider audience” Read more


Imagine 2019. Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere has arranged this RPA conference to unite people related to the business automation industry to share their experiences, ideas, thoughts and making automation technology work for everybody. They present RPA solutions based on their Digital Workforce Platform and explain how it helps simplify the choice of ultimate RPA solutions for certain businesses and use cases.

13-14 June 2019 – Tokyo, Japan

“Automation Anywhere would be justly rewarded with a silver medal in this race. It is an even and powerful competitor, as the tool is widely deployed. Even though I think it won’t take first place in the RPA industry in 2019, I believe it does have the potential to outgrow UiPath in the future. Automation Anywhere is a platform for building robots for digital transformation in business and also offers a free Community Edition” Read more



Wondering why an SAP conference (Systems, Applications, Products in data processing) is on this list? As robotic automation enters various spheres of business and technology, it similarly becomes valuable in the SAP area. At this event, you can learn about SAP automation, innovation in intelligent automation and digital transformation and get acquainted with RPA vendors like UiPath and Stonebranch.

7-9 May 2019 – Orlando, FL, USA

“SAPPHIRE NOW brings together all the necessary elements of the intelligent enterprise by demonstrating end-to-end solutions that meet current business challenges. You’ll leave this SAP conference  2019 with SAP software solutions to changes in the economy, society, and the environment which are occurring at a great speed and affecting every company” Read more


Hopefully, this list of RPA conferences 2019 will be helpful in choosing the most suitable RPA event for you. While some conferences on robotic automation are more oriented at community gathering and networking, others can introduce really interesting RPA solutions and innovative digital transformation technology. Anyway, I believe that any RPA conference mentioned above are worth checking out and will allow you to join the community of automation experts with fresh ideas and insightful recommendations.

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