Create training materials times faster

Create simple step-by-step guides and videos for training without the traditional hassle

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Being a customer support agent, you constantly have to prepare different help articles or other training materials to make sure your customers are satisfied with the service you provide.

Make these processes much simpler with StepShot Guides!

How you will benefit
How to train employee with the help of a few clicks

Provide your customers with detailed guides in just minutes

Our tool provides you with the opportunity to capture screenshots with every mouse click and create automated text descriptions for the particular step.
Simply follow the process and StepShot creates a ready-to-publish guide with a bunch of nicely-styled screenshots.

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Send a video instead of a thousand words

Сreate cool training videos using our auto-narration or recording your own voice. Share them with your clients and simplify their onboarding process

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PDF training materials
Training videos as a way to do business more effectively

Create help articles in just clicks

We know how long it sometimes takes to explain certain info to customers without having the proper materials at hand. StepShot Guides will provide you with an opportunity to create nice-looking help articles for your help center and share them with your target audience, using our export into Word, PDF, HTML, WordPress, and as images

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Report bugs to developers much faster

Tired of constant time waste while reporting bugs to the developers and discussing issues with colleagues from other departments?

Remove this burden from your shoulders by taking advantage of StepShot Guides that allows recording steps and thus, reproducing bugs or issues with better speed and clarity.

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Main Features:

Generate screenshots with every mouse click


Enhance your screenshots in the built-in image editor


Create automatic step descriptions


Recognize and copy any text from a screenshot


Create video guides with auto-narration or record your own voice


Customize your PDF/Word document with no coding involved


Export to Word, PDF, HTML, WordPress, Images and Video


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