Project documentation made simple

Create detailed documentation in minutes. Successfully onboard your clients and make them highly rate your work with the help of quick step-by-step guides


Equipping your project with profound documentation helps successfully present your work to clients.

Luckily, you can create the most advanced documentation without spending too much time on it. StepShot Guides fully automates your way of creating any type of documentation, saving you significant portions of time.

How you will benefit
How to train employee with the help of a few clicks

Deliver advanced documentation in just minutes

Just go through the procedure you want to explain and StepShot will automatically capture your steps, making screenshots with mouse clicks and creating automatic step descriptions.
No more manual typing!

Fully align your documentation with the company branding

StepShot allows you to make your guides look more trustworthy and professional. Just set app your custom templates and fill in the company information once and it’ll be applied

Impress your customers with video tutorials

A unique function of making video guides enables you not just to create step-by-step video tutorials, but also to auto-narrate step descriptions in English, Spanish, French, or German, or do a voiceover on your own.

Save time on support

If you create user documentation with StepShot Guides, your customer support services will take less time as you only need to send a corresponding step-by-step guide on request.

Even if you don’t have a ready-made one – it wouldn’t take long to create it, believe us!

Main Features:

Generate screenshots with every mouse click


Enhance your screenshots in the built-in image editor


Create automatic step descriptions


Recognize and copy any text from a screenshot


Create video guides with auto-narration or record your own voice


Customize your PDF/Word document with no coding involved


Export to Word, PDF, HTML, WordPress, Images and Video


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