We cannot but tell you about the release of our new product, StepShot Image Editor for Confluence. The inspiration to develop such a tool and bring it to life was triggered by numerous pieces of feedback from our customers. They found it great to use our Confluence plug-in, StepShot Step-by-Step Guides Creator, for the creation of step-by-step instructions, runbooks, reference guides, and manuals. And the idea then crossed our mind: why not to make their life even easier? With StepShot Image Editor, editing pictures becomes now a simple task to do. This tool is a unique solution that allows users to edit visuals within Confluence. We developed StepShot Image Editor as a Confluence plug-in and are pleased to inform Confluence users about this new time-saving opportunity for doing quick and simple tasks, such as editing a picture and adding some text on top of it.

5 stunning benefits of using StepShot Image Editor

Answering the question that many of you would probably ask: “How can I benefit from this?” we have prepared for you the ultimate list of advantages which StepShot Image Editor is ready to offer:

  • Re-editing function

With StepShot Image Editor, you are able to come back to previously-edited images and re-edit them to suit your purposes. You can easily change the content on top of them, delete or add new elements, etc.

  • No more copies

By using StepShot Image Editor, you can forget about numerous copies of the same image as all of the changes you introduced will be saved on separate layers in one file which you can access anytime you like.

  • More memory space

This is an unquestioned benefit that results directly from the previously mentioned advantage. If there’s no need to create dozens of copies, you end up having more memory space.

  • Privacy and integrity

StepShot Image Editor stores the original files and the annotation files as page attachments, which allows you to save data only within a customer’s Confluence instance. Such an approach ensures privacy and integrity.

  • Cloud & Server support

StepShot tries to cater to your needs, thus the product is designed for both Confluence Cloud and Confluence Server users.

What makes StepShot Image Editor so great?

First and foremost, a great product has to provide a valuable solution to a real problem. StepShot Image Editor helps you save time when explaining complex concepts by allowing you to edit images in a simple way!

StepShot Image Editor's Interface

Here is what it does:

  • draws lines, arrows, and rectangles;
  • adds text to the images;
  • blurs certain parts of an image;
  • highlights the text and fill in the shapes with a color;
  • saves all the changes on separate layers;
  • re-edits previous images;

Problems we ran into

So far, so good. The hardest part was selecting nice icons:)

What we’re proud of

StepShot Image Editor is a powerful tool that allows users to edit images within Confluence, both on the Confluence Server and the Confluence Cloud.

The lesson we’ve learned

It’s always great to plan everything ahead of time, but it’s not how things are usually done. The last minute hustle is what brings the idea to life.

Built with…

Java, JavaScript

What’s next for StepShot Image Editor

Oh, wait, that’s not all! There is more to come. We won’t disclose all the secrets right away, but here is what we certainly plan to do. We are going to enhance the Image Editor’s functionality by adding an option to capture screenshots in the Editor straight from Confluence itself.

Wrapping it up…

Never before has image editing been so easy! Start out with StepShot Image Editor and get fancy later on.

Please feel free to send us your feedback about StepShot Image Editor to [email protected].