Here at StepShot, we’ve been through a lot to get to the point we are at now. Today, we are pleased to present the upgraded version of StepShot Guides with tons of powerful features. What’s more, we are introducing a totally new version of the product – StepShot Guides PRO. Equipped with the most innovative solutions, StepShot Guides has now become the industry-best AI-powered tool to automate your documentation routine and quickly explain any procedure in minutes.

How Everything Started

Communication with the customers and getting their feedback has always been the top priority for StepShot. Combining our users’ ideas with the best technologies on the market, we have developed the first all-in-one tool to quickly deliver any type of documentation faster than ever before.

Back in November last year, we got in touch with our loyal customers and suggested they become early adopters of future StepShot Guides. Many of them showed their interest in this new functionality and became the first to test our upgraded version. Thanks to their support and the intensive work of the whole StepShot team we’re proud to announce the newest and most innovative StepShot Guides release.

What’s in It for You?

The newest in 
StepShot Guides:

1.Customizing your PDF document with no coding involved. 
Create your own design and add logos or branded pictures to fully align your documentation with your brand.

2. AI-powered automatic step descriptions. While you go through the process, StepShot Guides automatically recognizes the text you are working with and creates short annotations based on your actions. Manual typing is no longer necessary!

3. Totally redesigned capturing process with the new capturing button will improve your user experience and make your documentation process even faster than ever before.

4. Smart capturing of your actions with keyboard and mouse clicks. StepShot quickly captures every mouse click on a screen, as well as all the keyboard actions you do and automatically inserts them as short annotations.

5. Decide what to capture in a smart automatic way. Create your custom combination with the keyboard or mouse to capture screenshots only when you want them to be captured. No more capturing thousands of unnecessary screenshots!

6. UI/UX redesign. Enjoy the improved left-sidebar navigation, a better editing toolkit, clickable tabs in Export & Publish menu, the updated PDF Export workflow and Headings, and many other enhancements.

7. Brand new Help Center. The new place for the most detailed information assisting you in your experience with StepShot.

What is StepShot Guides PRO?

StepShot Guides PRO 
is the upgraded version of StepShot Guides which, in addition to basic features, provides a larger number of exporting options as well as advanced functionality.

1. Create video guides in just minutes. AI-powered auto narration included! Simply transfer any of your StepShot guides into the future video. To make it more engaging, let the software auto narrate the whole video or opt for recording your own voice.

2.  Export your guide in Word. 
Use one of our 7 professionally-designed templates, which are fully editable directly in Word.


3. Export content to HTML. The option allows exporting your guide as a web-ready HTML page.

4. Recognize and copy any text from a screenshot. With integrated OCR technology, you can now convert content from screenshots into digital text to edit and paste wherever you like. This feature is supported in all browsers and on shared screens as well.


5. Make use of floating licenses. Quickly transfer your license to any other user, totally free of charge.

6. Automatically insert repeated information. StepShot lets you predefine commonly-used text labels such as company name, address, or contacts which will appear repeatedly in your guides.


What’s Next?

StepShot is migrating to Cloud! In the near future, you will have the opportunity to share your guides online and embed your content directly into your support knowledge base.

The latest StepShot Guide Release is totally free for EVERY StepShot Guides user. Moreover, we’ve got a present for all our loyal customers! We’ll provide one FREE month of StepShot Guides PRO to every StepShot Guides user who hasn’t had a chance to upgrade yet. 

Your account is already upgraded to PRO, so simply change the workspace (see the guide) and enjoy your new experience.


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