Here is Your Solution for Effective Task Delegation

StepShot helps you precisely document every step of your routine work and automatically creates a detailed guide for employees. So now you can delegate a part of your time-consuming work to team members and fully concentrate on growing your business.
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3 Easy Steps To Simplify Your Delegation Process


1. Quickly capture your routine task

Go through the routine procedure and the program automatically takes a screenshot on every mouse click you did and creates a step-by-step guide


2. Add some personal notes for every step

Add your specific requirements to the guide, so your worker will get all the needed information and don’t get back to you with different questions


3. Delegate your task to anyone by sharing this guide

Export your step-by-step guide as a PDF file and share it within the team. Now, you’re ready to work on your business without any disturbances!

How does it work?

capture the process guides

Select the Capturing Area:


An active window

By default the software chooses an active window to be captured.

The entire screen

Select to capture the full screen if you want to show the wider context.

A certain region

Select the part of the screen you would like to capture.

Annotate Visuals with StepShot’s Practical Toolkit



Crop unnecessary parts and leave what matters.

Text boxes

Add the text to your screenshots with a text box.


Easily add different shapes to an image so you can communicate your ideas.
Editing StepShot Guides
export and publish guides

Save and Publish a Guide


PDF document

Export your task instruction as a PDF screenshot-based guide. To style your document, you can choose from one of the existing templates.


Example 1   Example 2   Example 3   Example 4


Easily publish your guides to a website or blog on WordPress.

What other CEOs and Founders say about StepShot:

Didn’t imagine it’s so good! StepShot makes it super fast to create guides composed of multiple steps and becomes a great instrument for communication with my team

Allan Caeg, Founder and CEO at

It has all the basic options that you need and makes it easy to create a well-documented tutorial or instruction guide, so now I don't have to spent a lot of time describing and explaining my ideas to employees

Nano Whiz, CEO at Tomatoheart

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