It is not a secret that Confluence is considered to be one of the most popular and truly useful platforms for Technical Documentation. With the help of different add-ons created specifically for Confluence, the process of documentation becomes exceptionally easy and takes almost no time. Here are the plugins which are, to our mind, of special value for those who chose Confluence as the main source for storing and managing their company’s documentation.

Top 5 Confluence Plugins for documentation:

1. Multiexcerpt Plugin

A great feature of Confluence is that it allows to re-use the blocks of technical information and use it for different pages at once. It is extremely helpful as you can save time by updating information only at one place and it will automatically be updated in all others. However, one of the huge limitations of native Confluence is that it only allows adding one excerpt macro per page. A great fix to this problem isMultiexcerpt Plugin! It will help you include multiple named excerpts from a single page and also pull excerpts together from multiple spaces.

When can it be extremely helpful? For example, when you need to improve user documentation for your workers. You will have to pull different pages together to make it quick and easy for them to find some additional information, useful explanations etc. It is also used for creating dashboards for some projects. They usually contain content from different pages and projects, so it is really useful to have them all together.

Numerous positive customers’ reviews confirm that the plugin really stands out and is extremely popular. They are especially satisfied with the excellent support they are provided with in case of some troubles.

Learn more about the product here.

2. StepShot

It is a really powerful and time-saving tool that makes your documentation easier than ever. This software creates profound manuals and step-by-step guides based on screenshots which you can publish directly to Confluence using a suitable template or create a new custom template. This is how it works: each click creates a new screenshot and automatically describes the actions which were taken. You are able to change these explanations, add title to every step, annotate it (add some geometrical figures, highlight the text, blur it, draw the line, arrow or polyline, place the sequence pointers within the screenshot), replace some screenshots – in other words edit it until the created guide contains all the information you need and is easy to understand. Within few minutes your guide is ready to be shared with your team on your Confluence page. What is more, you can post it in the form of Articles (set of screenshot-based steps) and Manuals (set of articles).

It should be pointed out that the biggest value of the product is that it is a great combo of 2 tools – it both takes screenshots and creates a step-by-step guide based on them. So there is no need to use several different tools. Сonsidering quite a huge amount of users’ reviews, specifically this feature makes StepShot plugin extremely helpful and time-saving!

Learn more about the product here.

3. Zen intranet

Creating your page in Confluence is really time-consuming and is considered to be quite a long process. With the help of Zen intranet plugin for Confluence it is possible to make a site for intranet content for your team in minutes. You don’t need to design your own footers and headers, spaces and pages, page layouts or think of site navigation – just install Zen Intranet plugin and wait until it does this work for you. The plugin installs spaces, theme design, and settings. There are also samples which you can use for adding new pages and spaces. And what is most important – you can customize the professional design extremely quick and easy!

While installing Zen Intranet you also get Zen Lightning – a tool created for managing the features of Zen Intranet.

Learn more about the product here.

4. Scroll PDF Exporter

It is a really an outstanding add-on to use if you aim to create great documentation out of your intranet content on Confluence. First you choose which pages you want to export (should it be just one page, or with all its children pages etc), then you find the most suitable PDF template and also define the output of macros, images, and index terms. You can add your metadata to the PDF file such as title, author, subject too. The templates may include Placeholders which are used for reference metadata in headers or footers and on static pages. Another great point about the plugin is that it is supporting the REST API which allows for automatic export start.

Scroll PDF Exporter can be used for marketing purposes, to create some presentation materials or documentation for your customers or company. So it is really important to have a presentable document to demonstrate your results. Keep in mind, even though it is quite easy to use, some knowledge of CSS and HTML for customization of your templates will be needed.

Learn more about the product here.

5. Comala Workflows

This plugin enables you to automatize the process of documentation release of your company without knowing programming languages. The Comala Workflows plug-in is a set of macros which generate a workflow for creating, approving and publishing documents of any kind.

The process of releasing the document consists of several stages – draft, ready, reviewed, published. This is what makes the documentation procedure really efficient and ready documents truly qualitative as they are checked and approved before the final release. You can create tasks for your team, leave notifications and also assign contributors and reviewers to every page. With the help of workflows you can manage your page states: in case the approval is not defined for the current workflow state, there is a possibility to change the state in order to move to the next step of the workflow. There may be several states you can choose from ( for example reviewed, approved, rejected etc). With the help of the plugin, you can also create compliance reports. You need to check your page history for this.

Learn more about the product here.

I hope you benefited from the list of Confluence Plugins for documentation we have provided for you.