If you can’t help but feel thrilled at the thought of choosing the right time-saving tools for your team, this blog post is exactly where you can find a complete list of mind-blowing solutions without the need to look any further.

Today, more than ever before, business people are hard-pressed to save time. The phrase “I don’t have time” has become a common excuse for not doing simple stuff such as visiting family, meeting with a friend, or going out with a beloved. Office employees are so overwhelmed by daily routine tasks that even adding to their to-do lists such things as having food on time, getting enough sleep, and walking a dog is stressful! It may sound ridiculous, but when I saw my boss struggling to find time to have a proper lunch, I came up with an idea to google and try out several of the best time-saving tools to help streamline the routine work of every person who has encountered a similar problem.

Here is a rule of thumb: apply the 80/20 rule to everything.It’s the issue of prioritizing. It is essential to separate the urgent from the important.

8 Tools to Save Time from the Daily Routine

Let’s discover what exact time-saving tools may kill your day-to-day routine and drive your productivity. The idea is not to make you robotic or squeeze all the tasks into a short time-frame, but to help you do more with less.

#1 SaneBox

If you are sick and tired of the mess in your inbox, you may want to give SaneBox a try. It automatically sorts your emails into several folders based on each email’s level of importance. The system is smart enough to figure out which emails are important to you and which ones are better sent to the SaneLater folder. SaneBox is more than a simple email filtering tool: it can snooze non-urgent emails, remind you to follow up with people who ignored your emails, move attachments to Dropbox, monitor your spam folder for emails sent there by mistake, and much more. A monthly subscription costs only $7, which is an absolute bargain.

#2 Scanbot

For professionals who deal with documents on a daily basis, Scanbot is a great solution. It is a free productivity tool that creates scans of high-quality documents using your iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can save your documents as PDF or JPG and fax them directly from your cell phone. Scanbot supports many of your favorite cloud-based software (Google Drive, Dropbox, ownCloud, etc.). Besides being a document scanner, Scanbot is a great tool to work with PDFs. You can highlight important parts, add notes to the document, and move the pages or rearrange them, etc.

#3 CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a kind of content marketing editorial calendar for everything you need to be done. The application allows you to schedule posts, social media posts, team tasks, and monitor social traffic. It easily integrates with WordPress and many other of your favorite tools (Pinterest, Evernote, Google Analytics, etc). CoSchedule has a 14-day trial, so you can start it today and discover its functionality for free.

#4 Buffer

If you are looking for a tool combo kit for social media management, Buffer is the all-in-one solution to operating with all of your social profiles. It can schedule and share posts to multiple social profiles at once, customize posts for each network,   and provide a complete overview of how you’re trending on social media. Buffer’s free version gives you one account per platform that allows you to schedule up to 10 posts at a time. What people really like about Buffer is that you can add the browser extension or download the mobile app, so you can share content whenever you want.

#5 Dashlane

The tool like this is specifically designed for the same forgetful people like me who are always trying out a number of variants in order to find the correct password to a certain account. Dashlane is the best free password manager that securely keeps track of all your passwords, creates unique passwords for all your accounts, remembers them, and types them for you online. Dashlane will alert you in real time if your accounts are compromised, and will allow you to update your passwords for various sites right from the application.

#6 Xero

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software for managing finances anytime, anywhere. Xero has many similar features to MYOB or Quickbooks, but it provides one big difference: bank data feeds. The tool gives you the visibility of all your bank accounts, credit card and PayPal balances, outstanding invoices, expense claims, reports, and contacts, etc. The application costs £10 per month, but in order to see it in use, you may want to try a 30-day free trial and discover all the features with your own eyes.

#7 Senstone

This gadget is a smart pendant that lets you take notes on the go. Senstone captures  what’s on your mind by recording what you’re saying, and then automatically transcribes your voice recordings. It is a unique tool for those who are tired of pulling out a phone every time they want to take notes.

Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.

David Allen

author of ‘Getting Things Done’

#8 Pocket

For those who love to discover and recommend useful content, Pocket is the right tool for you. This free application lets you save articles, images, or videos from your web browser or compatible apps into the platform so you can access them later on without an internet connection. Pocket has a number of integrations with many useful platforms such as Twitter, Buffer, etc., which is great for quick and easy content curation. It will save a lot of time by not having to go back and remember what you’ve just seen or read.

The Bottom Line

In short, the crux of these time-saving tools is to increase your productivity, leverage your time by doing more with less, and to help you connect with the true self you want to be. Time is the most important asset. By automating many of your routine tasks, you can become a man of wealth. Learn more about the top productivity tools for managing virtual teams.

Here are some top efficiency tips to take away:

  • Create a stress-free work environment
  • Avoid multitasking
  • Take regular breaks
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Automate daily processes with some powerful time-saving tools

For businesses that have trouble documenting the knowledge of SMEs, StepShot may also come in handy as one of the great time-saving tools that can help you tackle the problem of developing training materials by creating engaging screenshot-based step-by-step guides. Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to figure out how you can streamline your daily work with documentation.

What time-saving tools have you found most useful? Tell us about them in the comments below.