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Arranging a training video usually requires a lot of efforts as wells as complex software for video production.

Stepshot lets you forget about this headache once and forever

Create training and explainer videos in a timely manner
create training videos in just minutes

Fully automated step-by-step videos

StepShot automatically takes screenshots with your every mouse click and immediately inserts them into the guide. So, whenever you have to onboard someone or post a new blog article, you can always refer to your step-by-step instructions and never skip any detail.

Easily transform your guide into a video

Now, you don’t need to create the guide and rack your brain about how to convert it into the video file. Just put a tick next to the step of the guide you would like to include into the video or press ‘Select all’ button to add all your steps.

Take a full advantage of auto-narration

No worries about accent and inconvenient pauses! Just choose the necessary audio from 4 different languages and get your auto narrated video in just minutes.
Alternatively, record your own voice and enjoy a self-made video guide

Share and host your videos on whatever platform you wish

All the videos created with StepShot Guides have either .AVI or .MP4 format. It means that now you shouldn’t worry about any issues while uploading them to different platforms.



Educate your employees better

Now, with the help of StepShot, you can quickly explain any procedure to make sure things are running smoothly in your team

Spend time on growing, not answering everyone’s questions

Having a detailed answer to all the typical questions helps to make a productive team player without constant distractions from the important work

Reduce customer requests

A quick filling-in of the knowledge base helps to create a profound place where customers can find all the answers themselves, saving up to 70% of your support teamwork
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IT Operations Team


Enterprise Consultants


CEOs and Founders


HRs and Trainers

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