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Your automated solution to create and share step-by-step guides for any typical procedure. Never miss an important step and make sure everything goes as planned

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Maintaining your business processes takes too much time. Moreover, there is always a chance you will miss a necessary step while performing a routine task.

StepShot will not let this happen!

Get the detailed step-by-step guide in just 5 minutes
How to train employee with the help of a few clicks

Automatically create guides for each procedure

StepShot automatically takes screenshots with your every mouse click and immediately inserts them into the guide. So, whenever you have to onboard someone or post a new blog article, you can always refer to your step-by-step instructions and never skip any detail.

Easily customize your documents

Annotate your images right in the guide to highlight important information.

NEW: customize your outputs according to company branding with no coding involved

Transform your guides into engaging videos

Whether you are an IT operator, HR manager, or customer support agent, preparing a short video tutorial for each procedure helps make the implementation process more interactive and easier to reproduce.

Easily share your documents with colleagues or clients

StepShot Guides offers a great range of exporting formats including:

  • Word
  • PDF
  • Video
  • WordPress
  • Images
  • HTML

Coming soon: Publishing your guides to the Cloud workspace



Make your procedures easy to reproduce

Make a standard procedure much easier to understand and implement with annotated screenshots in a guide or with a video tutorial.

No more manual copy-pasting & typing

Spend more time on professional growth rather than on creating SOPs. Now, you won’t need to manually type or copy-paste each step description and illustration or to switch between different tools.

Improve productivity rates

Organize and manage your repetitive processes in a totally automated way, drastically improving your personal and team productivity.
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Enterprise Consultants


CEOs and Founders


HRs and Trainers

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