Best Employee Onboarding Solution to Boost Employee Training

Employees who are welcomed to a new business through a structured onboarding program are 58% more likely to stay with the company 3 years down the line. To a business owner, this means better productivity and fewer losses. Bear in mind that losing a new employee within the first 3 months of their hire can cause more losses than their yearly salary.

Among the main employee onboarding challenges is the difficulty of getting information across to your new staff. Most often, instructions they receive aren’t clear or detailed enough. Therefore, they don’t understand exactly what’s expected of them and how to go about their new job. Most people also struggle with navigating the company culture and adjusting their lives to fit their new schedules.

Many of the issues that occur during onboarding process are caused by the so-called ‘human factor’. However, providing efficient instructions (manuals+guides) can help you prevent, or at least mitigate, the majority of them. StepShot would be of great help with that.

How StepShot Helps Onboard New Employees

While it’s true that StepShot can’t make your employees and managers like each other, it can give them clarity. The right way to say it is that StepShot will give you the means to create various ‘clarifying tools’. For example, you can use it to make manuals for using your company’s software/products/etc. You can also create a packet of employee onboarding guides.

With the help of StepShot, you also can provide guides on company culture, explicit professional instructions for the position, handling emergencies, etc.
Finally, the tool allows you to provide your employees with helpful guides that will help them make a personal transition; identify the main challenges they face when transitioning into the job you offer (commuting, special styles of dress, developing new habits, etc.) Use StepShot to create a guide that will help them resolve these issues.

Benefits of StepShot for Employee Onboarding

Creation of any guide with screen shots and other visual aids

Customizable guides and manuals to make sure they fit your needs perfectly

Guide creation takes a few minutes instead of hours

Easy updating and customizing of guides within a few seconds

StepShot guides can be integrated into other software (WordPress, Confluence) to make them easier to use

General boost for the onboarding process that increases your chances of employee retention

Onboarding Tool that Works

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