Delivering Top-Quality Employee Training with StepShot

According to statistics, spending on corporate training has reached $130 billion worldwide and that number has been growing steadily over the last decade. Those surveys also show that companies that spend more on employee training generally get more profit.
That’s all great and definitely shows how important it is to teach your employees to be better. However, does this mean that businesses that can’t afford to hire expensive trainers for their teams don’t have a chance?

Of course not, as anyone can develop an effective employee training program with the help of StepShot. Our solution will allow you to create manuals that will help your staff to learn your product/software fast.

How to Use StepShot Software to Create Training Manuals

StepShot’s ability to create detailed guides and manuals with multiple screenshots to promote understanding is perfect for training course development. It enables you to design a course that will meet the needs of your business perfectly. You also get to use real-life examples, which make the materials easier to understand.

Most importantly, this kind of ‘practical’ manual will ensure that your employees know exactly how to use their knowledge. They will be able to apply their training in their work immediately, which boosts your overall business productivity.

Due to StepShot’s flexibility and ease of use, you’ll be able to compile large detailed guides in a matter of hours. You will also need only a few minutes to update them and make any changes you might need.

As StepShot guides are easy-to-understand and full of visuals, so employees can comprehend them better. Visuals also boost memory retention and help promote motivation because they make learning less dull.

Key Benefits of Our Training Documentation Software

Makes developing learning materials an easy and quick process

Training manuals for employees are easy to update

Enables quick customization of training materials to fit different needs

Enables creating a great manual fast, no special skills needed

Increase the rate of employee retention

Boosts employee efficiency due to good training

Saves you money on ordering a training course developed by a third party

StepShot guides can be integrated with different software platforms for extra efficiency

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