Overcoming the Hurdles of Software Implementation & Delivery with StepShot

Software implementation & delivery is an extremely complicated process that can take up a vast amount of time. StepShot will help you ‘un-complicate’ it as you’ll be able to provide your entire staff with detailed guides. Whether you are a business owner who wants to implement new software in your company or the developer, StepShot will be able to boost the efficiency of your work.

Regardless of the type of software in question and the size of business, it is implemented in, the problems faced by the integration team are the same. Implementing new software requires a lot of time as the team must learn how to work with it. You also need to consider the actual time it takes to remove your current platform and install a new one in all your branches/offices/work stations.

Moreover, overall business productivity during the software implementation & delivery process can go down. This happens because your business can’t run as it does usually while your employees are learning how to use new solutions. Providing consistent and efficient employee training is a challenge in itself. You’ll have to provide your staff with top-quality guides and develop a responsive help service. Poor support structure for your employees after the software implementation phase will reduce their efficiency. Some people will require more help to master new software.

Using StepShot for Software Implementation & Delivery

The bad thing about the challenges of software implementation & delivery is that none of them can be overcome 100%. This means that your business will definitely face these problems to some extent. The trick is to minimize the time they will affect you and reduce your losses. StepShot is designed exactly for that.

StepShot is a solution for developing effective, easy-to-understand guides full of visuals. A manual developed in this tool makes it easy to understand the steps one needs to take.

Benefits of StepShot for Software Implementation & Delivery

Reduces the time of software implementation

Reduces losses in business productivity caused by delays in learning how to operate new software

Increases the efficiency and speed of employee training

Creates easy guides for resolving most common problems with new software

Boosts the overall process of software implementation & delivery

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