Being a professional tech blogger isn’t just about providing valuable content. The specialist is involved in the entire journey of the content – not just the creation and design, but also ensuring successful publishing, active promotion and future relevance. This will help make sure it makes an impact and remains useful.

Choosing the right platform for technical blogs can make a considerable difference. There are various blogging platforms which meet the requirements of bloggers with different backgrounds and needs, but WordPress has proved to be one of the most popular in its field. This powerful blogging platform has almost no competition today and it is no wonder when you look at what it can do.

Let’s explore the features of WordPress that have garnered it the reputation it has today.

1. Trustworthy

The excellent reputation of WordPress automatically turns your blog into a credible source of information. Such famous tech blogs like TechCrunchHack a Day  or Mashable are on WordPress. Still not convinced about the popularity of this blogging platform? Feel free to check WordPress site showcase to be surprised by how many powerful tech communities use WordPress.

2. Affordable and Accessible

Probably the most attractive advantage of WordPress is that it’s 100% free (here we mean and not – see the difference ). On top of that, it is exceptionally easy to use. One doesn’t need to be experienced in web development to be able to create and successfully maintain a technical blog on WordPress. This platform provides its users with all they need offering numerous themes, layout options and add-ons ( which you can use without any charge).

3. Outstanding support

One of the significant advantages is the level of support you are provided with while using WordPress. Should any issue arise, WordPress support will handle them in no time.

The main source of WordPress knowledge base is Codex section – an extensive help library. Both WordPress novices and advanced users will find answers to their questions about different aspects of the platform and learn more about peculiarities of its work.

Due to its huge popularity, the World Wide Web is a great source for step-by-step articles. YouTube is also rich in video tutorials for those more visually inclined. Any kind of instructional material across the internet allows WordPress users to utilise more of the platform as well as troubleshooting any potential issues. All you have to do is search for it.

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4. Professional look

WordPress platform makes your blog look truly professional. Using the extensive collection of blogging tools available on WordPress, you can customise and tailor your blog to appeal to any demographic. Firstly, choosing appropriate themes and add-ons enhances your blog, creating a more friendly user interface for both the you, the blogger, and your audience. Secondly, the chosen theme can be live previewed and installed in few clicks. Even after installing, you can customise further by adding logos, menus, and even adjusting layouts.

5. You can turn your blog into a real site

Yes, WordPress is first and foremost a blogging platform, but you should consider that it can be used as so much more. WordPress has become a successful content management system, which means you can use it for creating simple blogs or fully functional websites and mobile applications.

To sum everything up, WordPress isn’t alone in the market for blogging platforms. Despite its minimal yet present drawbacks, it remains as one of the best platforms for you to share your ideas with the technical world.