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Save up to 90% of your time spent on writing software help documentation.
Unlock the benefits of StepShot’s tools in order to create user manuals and
training guides way faster than ever before.


Boost Your Productivity

Work less and get more done easily. Optimize daily workflows and leverage your time by automating the process of documenting software. Create user documentation, help files, online manuals, and guides in minutes instead of hours.

Explain & Learn Things in a Hassle-Free Way

Communicate ideas to your clients, colleagues, and family in the more compelling way than words alone with the industry’s best manual creation software.

Capture & Accumulate Your Company’s Knowledge

Facilitate knowledge sharing and boost employee training by creating effective SOP documents with the help of our powerful documentation creation software.
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StepShot Guides

StepShot Guides makes it easy for you personally:

  • to create software-based learning materials for your students;
  • to describe your product or service, explain complex notions;
  • to publish a software product review for your blog’s fans;
  • to explain to your grandma how to register on Facebook!

StepShot Manuals

StepShot Manuals is created to get your company’s documentation done fast

  • when you roll out new ERP or CRM integration and there is a minimum time to finalize your docs;
  • when you have configuration procedures with 30 to 100 steps on average and somebody needs to support them;
  • when your docs should look and feel according to your company’s brand standards;

And in many other cases.

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The Traditional Way of Documenting Software is Broken!

You can bid farewell to the usual burdensome way of writing process explanations and software walkthroughs. StepShot brings together several different tools under a single interface avoiding in such a way switching between multiple contexts. Getting your documentation done has never been so easy.

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