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ERP Consultant's roles of a technical implementation assistant and trainer requires a good deal of documentation efforts. And it is not only about creating user manuals when the ERP system is already implemented. Consultants also take care of business process re-engineering, system customizations, quality assurance process and post-production support. All in all up to 15% of consultants' time is spent on documentation creation. StepShot saves 80% of this time, considerably decreasing the efforts needed to capture system's workflows. Read more

IT Operations

Enterprise applications are being constantly updated and business processes are always changing to meet new business demands. To create and keep IT documentation up-to-date, IT Operation specialists should spend significant part of their working time describing new and updated software. StepShot decreases this time by automatically and faultlessly capturing Subject Matter Experts' knowledge and turning it into corporate software how-to guides.

IT Support

IT support within enterprises is all about tedious and routine tasks. IT support specialists are constantly overwhelmed with the help requests for installation and configuration of the widely adopted corporate software tools like Microsoft Exchange or similar. StepShot helps IT Support specialists decrease the number of working hours by providing end users with the detailed how-to guides they created when resolving the same issues in the past.

Software Delivery

Whether upgrading or implementing an application, StepShot adds value throughout all phases of a software development lifecycle. Capture and verify requirements on the early development stage, create software error reports during testing, deliver user documentation and learning materials when the application is released. And do this all fast and easy with StepShot!

Thomas Aldous

Founder of The Content Era, former Adobe Evangelist

"StepShot is a high-quality and extremely easy to use application. Best of all it saves hours of work when I want to create professional guides and tutorials. I would recommend it to anyone that needs to create an easy to use guidebook or step-by-step tutorial."